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Recap / Power Rangers Super Megaforce S2E20 Legendary Battle

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The Armada invades with a massive fleet. Legendary Rangers from past seasons come forward to help fight the final invasion.


  • Big Badass Battle Sequence: It's the Final Battle of the show, adapted from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's Legend War.
  • Big Damn Heroes: All the past Ranger teams show up to help destroy the Armada once and for all.
  • Decapitated Army: A rare subversion. Killing Emperor Mavro is the beginning of the end for the Armada, but their army makes a Last Villain Stand and must be destroyed by every Power Rangers team ever.
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  • Intra-Franchise Crossover: The third in the franchise and probably the biggest crossover ever made in Power Rangers history.
  • Last Villain Stand: After their fleet is destroyed and Emperor Marvro has been killed, the Armada's army makes one last attempt to kill the Rangers, and have to be wiped out by every Ranger team ever.
  • Role Reprisal: Eleven previous Ranger actors return, taking on their respective Ranger character and color. They are:
    • Brittany Anne Pirtle as Emily the Yellow Samurai Ranger.
    • Hector David, Jr. as Mike the Green Samurai Ranger.
    • Jason Faunt as Wesley Collins the Red Time Force Ranger.
    • Alison MacInnis as Dana Mitchell the Pink Lightspeed Ranger.
    • Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson the Red Lightspeed Ranger.
    • Reggie Rolle as Damon Henderson the Green Galaxy Ranger.
    • Danny Slavin as Leo Corbett the Red Galaxy Ranger.
    • Melody Perkins as Karone the second Pink Galaxy Ranger.
    • Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie Chan the Pink Space Ranger.
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    • Selwyn Ward as T.J. Johnson the Blue Space Ranger.
    • And finally, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver in both his Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and White Ranger incarnations.
      • Though his White Ranger incarnation was a mere Legend Shift.

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