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Recap / My Gym Partners A Monkey S 2 E 1 Le Switcheroo

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Adam and Coach Gills switch places to see whose life is worse.

  • Absentee Actor: Ingrid and Lupe.
  • Adult Child: In The Lounge, the teachers let loose and act like children.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Mr. Grouper lost the tips of his fins, and an eye, from being a very bad shop teacher.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Coach Gills has an autograph, signed by her voice actor.
  • Broken Bird: All the teachers at this school have sucky lives, but Mr. Grouper, might be the saddest sack this show has ever seen.
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  • Dartboard of Hate: Coach Gills has one of Jake in her office.
  • Foreshadowing: When mistaking Coach Gills for Adam, Slips told him that he did a spot on impression of her. At the end of the episode, it turned out Adam really could do a spot on Coach Gills impression.
  • Hidden Depths: Adam can do a perfect Coach Gills impression.
  • In Another Man's Shoes: Adam and Coach Gills try and see whose life is worse, by spending a day in each other's shoes.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Adam's disguise was just him wearing a bow and gym teacher whistle. While Coach Gills' disguise was just wearing Adam's shirt around the table her bowl stands on.
  • Sadist Teacher: Although Coach Gills is usually this, it was cranked up to eleven here.

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