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Recap / Jane the Virgin - "Chapter Twenty-Five"

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Jane: Hey, are you okay?
Narrator: How do you find the words to say that your psychotic ex wife inseminated herself with your stolen sperm?
Rafael: Yeah, totally.

Mateo is baptised. Luisa tries to understand who her German-speaking kidnappers are and why they have taken her. Michael takes some bad romantic advice from Rogelio about Jane.


  • The Baby Trap: This episode focuses on the fall out of Petra doing this to Rafael.
  • Big "NO!": Rogelio gives one to end the episode.
  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with a literal one as well as the figurative one, with Rogelio shooting a cliff-hanging scene for The Passions Of Santos.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: The only German Luisa knows is from her time as a Hard-Drinking Party Girl drinking in Munich for Oktoberfest: "I'm not interested in you, but I'll have sex with your wife."
  • Happy Dance:
    • Jane after finding out she got into grad school.
    • Also Petra does a stilted version after Rafel tells her he doesn't want her to have an abortion or move to Russia. It Makes Sense in Context.
      Narrator: I think that's her version of a happy dance.
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  • Gratuitous German: The henchmen that kidnap Luisa speak German.
  • Secret Handshake: Michael and Rogelio have one now.
  • Shout-Out: Jane says Lina's idea of "church appropriate" clothes for Mateo's baptism will probably be the black dress from Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video.
  • Shipper on Deck: Rogelio tries to help Michael with Jane.
  • Visual Pun: While the narrator describes the show's cliffhanger, Santos hangs off a literal cliff.

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