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Story Chapters

Arc 1: St. Freya

    Introduction (Chapters I & II) 
The game's story starts with three Valkyries-in-training (Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya Zaychik) boarding the Selene, a hostile unmanned flying battleship. The three take control of the battleship, then subdue Bronya when she is abruptly controlled malevolently by a distant voice. Following the successful mission, the girls take a graduation exam, during which a mysterious voice contacts Kiana in her dreams and informs her of her lost parents, Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac, and the "2nd Honkai War" in 2000 which the two took part in. Meanwhile, Rita from Schicksal HQ is sent to the school to observe the exam, and she takes some particular interest in Kiana...

    Herrscher of Wind (Chapters III & IV) 
The Valkyries are dispatched to Schicksal's Oceania Branch to recover the Gem of Desire following a local Honkai Eruption that decimated the area. The trio discovers Wendy, who was implanted with the Gem of Desire, and learn that Wendy triggered the Honkai Eruption due to a hatred of Schicksal, which had crippled Wendy because of said gem. The girls try to bring Wendy to the Hyperion peacefully, but Bronya is controlled again and attacks her, causing Wendy to transform into a Herrscher. Although Mei and Kiana are able to subdue both girls, Anti-Entropy forces appear on the command of Cocolia, Bronya's foster mother, and Bronya kidnaps Wendy and Mei.

Kiana, with her teacher Himeko and principal Theresa, go on to track Anti-Entropy to one of their companies, ME Corp. Bronya is there waiting for them; although our heroes are suspicious of her, she nonetheless helps them infiltrate the building. When they discover Mei inside, Bronya is about to get controlled again, but she destroys the biochip in her brain to free herself from Cocolia's control and enable the Valkyries to go rescue Wendy. However, they're too late; Wendy's Gem of Desire has been plucked out of her body, killing her in the process, and then put into their experimental autonomous massive robot Wotan. The girls defeat the robot and escape the building.

    Truth Discovered (Chapters V & VI) 
Searching for a way to revive Bronya, Theresa Apocalypse creates a virtual datascape to find data on the biochip. When Kiana tries following Theresa, she is transported to a recreation of Siberia during the year 2000 in the midst of the 2nd Honkai War. Kiana meets virtual recreations of Theresa, and then those of her parents, Siegfried and Cecilia. While Siegfried is badly injured, Kiana and Cecilia team up and successfully defeat a recreation of 2nd Herrscher, Sirin. Upon Sirin's defeat, it is revealed by Kiana's class monitor Fu Hua that the events that Kiana experienced were a hallucination created from Kiana's desires by Sirin. Fu Hua captures Kiana and takes her to Schicksal HQ.

    The Battle of Schicksal and the Return of the Void Queen (Chapters VII - IX) 
Theresa, Mei, and Himeko ally with Anti-Entropy forces and storm Schicksal HQ to save Kiana, breaching its defenses with the Selene and the Hyperion. While the Valkyries are successful in infiltrating Schicksal HQ, Rita Rossweisse and Fu Hua captures Himeko and Tesla.

Otto Apocalypse successfully reawakens Sirin using Kiana's body as a host, using the Gem of Serenity, and summons her Honkai Beast familiar, Benares. Herrscher of the Void goes to fight Mei, Theresa and the Anti-Entropy forces; she ends up stealing Mei's power as a 3rd Herrscher, with her now empowered by 3 Herrscher Cores. Angered by this, Fu Hua fights Rita, then engages the Herrscher in combat to save her friends, but the battle stops when Otto intervenes and lets the Herrscher go. Disappointed by how Fu Hua meddled in his plans and questioned his motives, he uses the First Divine Key, the Void Archives, to imitate the Kaslanas' Judgement of Shamash and shoots Fu Hua point-blank on the head, seemingly killing her.

Fu Hua mysteriously appears as a "ghost" to help Himeko and Tesla infiltrate the deeper part of the HQ, obtain a vial of anti-Honkai serum and a prototype battlesuit imbued with the Gem of Haste' power. Himeko dons the battlesuit and engages Herrscher of the Void, fighting her to a standstill. Einstein uses the Selene's cannon on Herrscher of the Void, forcing her to retreat into "Imaginary Space" with Himeko being pulled in as well. Himeko duels with Sirin in the Imaginary Space and, after much struggle, injects the anti-Honkai serum into Herrscher of the Void, causing her to revert to Kiana. Suffering massive losses, the remaining Valkyries and Anti-Entropy mechs retreat, and the world is left devastated in the wake of Herrscher of the Void's attack. Himeko and Kiana both go missing.

Arc 2: Separate Ways

    Search for Kiana (Chapters IX-EX & IX-E X2) 
Four months after Herrscher of the Void's attack, Mei, Theresa, and Bronya attempt to meet with an intel dealer named Gray Serpent in Arc City who claims to have seen the Herrscher of the Void, unaware that Otto Apocalypse had dispatched Rita to obtain his information as well. Rita appears to kill Gray Serpent and steals his cybernetic implants, leading the Valkyries to capture a cyborg girl called the Ningyo. Before they can extract the Ningyo's information, Rita intercepts the Valkyries, steals the data, and formats the Ningyo's memory.

While Einstein and Tesla attempt to retrieve the Ningyo's lost memories, the team is contacted by Cocolia, who convinces them to help find the Gem of Desire. Gray Serpent, seeking payment for the Valkyrie's theft of the Ningyo, hacks into the Selene. When Bronya follows Gray Serpent into virtual space, he traps Bronya in a data labyrinth formed from her memories to deter her. Bronya is able to escape with the help of the Divine Key in Fu Hua’s possession, Fenghuang Down, though she witnesses a record of the 1st Herrscher, Welt Yang, and Einstein battling the being called "World Serpent", who is sealed within the extradimensional realm called Sea of Quanta.

In the end, the team splits up: Mei and Tesla choose to keep looking for Kiana while boarding the smaller ship Helios, while the rest on the Hyperion go to Cocolia's place, "The Deep", in the Mariana Trench.

    Deep End of the Sea (Chapters X-XII) 
Bronya, Theresa, and Einstein travel to The Deep, where Bronya is reunited with Cocolia and childhood friends Rozaliya and Liliya. Cocolia informs the trio that the Gem of Desire was lost in the Sea of Quanta, and must be retrieved. While Einstein prepares to enter the Eye of the Deep, a portal leading to the Sea of Quanta, Bronya has a rocky reunion with her foster mother; she then expresses her doubts to Theresa, who then comforts her and lectures her about being decisive.

When Einstein discovers Cocolia scheming with Gray Serpent, the latter attacks Einstein and she vanishes. Some hours later, a swarm of Honkai emerges from the Eye of the Deep; Bronya, Theresa and the Olenyeva twins intercept them, including the colossal beast Tlaloc. But then, seeing that the portal to the Sea of Quanta is about to close, Bronya chooses to jump into it in order to find the Gem of Desire.

In the Sea, Bronya is greeted by Joachim, a fragment of Welt Yang. Joachim sends Bronya to multiple pocket universes as a test, during which Bronya is reunited with Seele Vollerei (Bronya's childhood friend who became stuck in the Sea of Quanta following a failed experiment, the X-10 Project, years ago). In efforts to guide Seele out of the Sea, they resolve to escape together. Bronya then finds out that Seele had been sent by the "World Serpent" to retrieve the Core of Reason as part of their deal. Bronya, who has been informed by Joachim that she should beware the "serpent", rejects Seele's idea of dealing with said being and fights Seele (or rather, her "other side"). Tlaloc suddenly reappears, causing Seele to fall deeper into the "sea". Bronya then manages to get the Core of Reason - which Welt used to create the barrier that sealed the "World Serpent" - and use it to become the Herrscher of Reason. She then uses her newfound power to defeat Tlaloc and traverse the Sea of Quanta further to locate Seele.

Seele, meanwhile, is trapped in a bubble universe recreation of Kevin Kaslana's memories from the Previous Era 50,000 years ago during the attack of the twelfth Herrscher, the Herrscher of Corruption. She encounters a MANTIS soldier named Sakura and reads reports of the projects undertaken by the Previous Era to save humanity from extinction. When the Herrscher of Corruption awakens, Sakura is killed by it, who had used her sister Rin as a host. As Sakura bleeds out while saying her last words, Kevin comforts Seele and tells her that humanity must win against the Honkai at any cost. Upon seeing him, Seele identifies him as the "World Serpent" - the being who leads the organization of the same name. Bronya arrives and fights against Kevin to retrieve Seele. Welt Yang emerges from the Core to protect Bronya from Kevin's attack, and Kevin allows them to leave without fighting with Gem of Desire on his hands.

Outside, it is revealed that Cocolia had made a deal with Gray Serpent: she needs his help to save Seele, while he needs her help to save "his kin" from the Sea of Quanta; she then threw the Gem of Desire into the Sea and led the Hyperion's team to open the Eye of the Deep for her. But when Bronya jumped into the Sea, she begins having doubts in the deal; when Gray Serpent provokes her, she retaliates by shooting him - only to be shown that "Gray Serpent" has multiple bodies as he shoots her back. He then proceeds to go after Rozaliya and Liliya, intending to absorb them for their Honkai Beast augments. The twins and Theresa fight him, who transforms into the Honkai Beast Assaka using a special serum; Theresa awakens to her latent power using the upgrade of her suit, Twilight Paladin, to help Rozaliya defeat Gray Serpent and save Liliya from his clutches.

Seele and Bronya reunite and try to escape the labyrinth in the Sea. The two girls reach the edge of the Quanta but are caught by otherworldly tentacles. Bronya makes a sacrifice and cuts the tentacles binding Seele, succumbing to the tentacles herself. Seele laments her own powerlessness; her inner persona "Seele" finally agrees to lend her power to Seele, and they use their combined power to rescue Bronya.

While Seele, Bronya, Rozaliya, and Liliya reunite, Einstein is released from her prison by Schrodinger and places Cocolia under arrest for treason. Schrodinger then manages to locate Bronya, Seele and Welt, and pull them out from the Sea of Quanta. After Bronya recovered, she meets Cocolia in her cell; the two then reconcile, with Cocolia giving her foster child the advice of trusting her friends and letting them share her burden. Then Bronya accepts the Core of Reason from Welt as well as his offer to teach her to use it, and all the girls decide to join the crew of the Hyperion, celebrating their reunion.

    Arc City Crisis (Chapters XI-EX, XIII & XIV) 
After she regains control of her own body, Kiana had been living in exile alone in Arc City. She fights with Honkai beasts one night when her Herrscher persona seeks the opportunity to torment and brainwash Kiana, attempting to reawaken the Herrscher. Fortunately, Fu Hua, who had uploaded her consciousness to the 8th Divine Key, Fenghuang Down, which has the ability to manipulate minds, reaches Kiana's mind and helps Kiana drive Sirin away temporarily. Kiana holds hatred towards Fu Hua at first, but Fu Hua tells Kiana that their spirits are combined forever due to the power of Fenghuang Down, and that Kiana must learn to control the Herrscher power by herself. When the Herrscher inside her threatens to push her over the edge again, she tries to shoot herself in the head - before Fu Hua interferes, while sincerely apologizing for her mistakes. Kiana now opens herself to Fu Hua's aid, which allows the latter to subdue the Herrscher properly. As more Honkai Beasts attack, Kiana awakens to the memory of her old teacher Himeko, giving her the resolve to use the power of the Herrscher inside her by her own will.

Uncovering that a major healthcare and pharmaceutical company in Arc City, Heliopolis Life Sciences, is just a cover for the World Serpent organization, Kiana and Hua hatch a plan to take down their operations. Meanwhile, Otto has dispatched Rita to retrieve Kiana, now designated the Herrscher of the Void. After fighting Rita, Kiana gives Rita intel to investigate the World Serpent. Rita upon investigation finds out about the facade of the World Serpent and their "Project Stigma" plan, and deploys her team of Valkyries to take down the company, but they are incapacitated by the World Serpent's member Raven and saved by Kiana. As a last ditch effort to escape from the World Serpent's forces, Rita tries to make the Honkai reactor of her ship explode but is saved just in time by Kiana.

Kiana then goes out to fight WS lieutenant Raven, but she gets captured. Finding out about the chaos at Heliopolis, the Helios crew arrive in Arc City and investigate; Mei finds Rita infiltrating the Heliopolis building again to find the cure for her condition, and the latter tells Kiana's whereabouts. Mei finds Kiana and frees her from the World Serpent's scientist Jackal's experiments, but Kiana - having seen herself as a danger and fears that she may harm her friends again - doesn't feel too thrilled about their reunion.

After Rita finds the antidote, she calls on her superior Durandal for backup. Rita then finds Kiana and Mei trying to get out of Heliopolis, then informs them about the World Serpent's plan to detonate a massive Honkai bomb in Arc City for their "stigmata experiment": to forcefully awaken the power of Stigmatas among the city's residents subsequently grant Honkai resistance to the few that would survive. As Kiana and Mei goes out of the Heliopolis' grounds, they're ambushed by Raven; while Kiana defeats her, Raven claims that she has held the Kaslana girl for long enough that the bomb will detonate shortly. Fu Hua, inside Kiana's mind, tells her to use the Herrscher of the Void's full power to stop the bomb; with no other choice, Kiana embraces the powers of the Void and uses its abilities to fly the bomb into the stratosphere and absorb some of the impact to protect the people.

    The Prodigal Girl Returns (Chapter XV) 
Mei runs toward Kiana's unconscious body which is falling from the sky due to the bomb's impact. Durandal arrives exactly then and saves Kiana from death with the power of the Sixth Divine Key, then fights Mei to take Kiana back to base. Mei cries about losing her beloved and she retreats with Helios.

At a Schicksal base in North Africa, ruined from the awakening of the Herrscher of the Void four months ago, Durandal prepares to eliminate Quantum Shadows emerging from the portal created by the Second Divine Key in a Schicksal-created experiment. Later, Kiana awakens imprisoned in the Schicksal base and asks Durandal why she sides with Schicksal. Another round of the Divine Key experiment is announced; Durandal then has Kiana spar with her in the experiment's location. After they fought to a standstill, the experiment begins; Kiana uses some of her Herrscher powers to close the portal created by the Divine Key, but she faints afterward.

The World Serpent then attacks the base to retrieve the Key and kill Kiana, sending Kevin Kaslana to the front lines. Kiana tries to escape from Durandal following the chaos, but Kevin intercepts her; however, Fu Hua's spirit jumps out and intervenes, telling Kiana to escape while she holds Kevin back. Fu Hua used too much of her limited power and goes dormant in the Fenghuang Down's "feather", which Kevin gets to hold. Durandal then engages Kevin briefly before Otto appears between them to negotiate a partnership between Schicksal and World Serpent.

    As Thunders Filled the Sky (Chapters XVI & XVII) 
Kiana meanwhile decides to go back to the ruined city of Nagazora - the site for the Third Honkai Impact where she saved Mei from turning into the Third Herrscher - for some peace and quiet, using her powers to teleport there. The Helios crew flies to Nagazora as well, sensing increased ambient Honkai leves there and hoping to locate Kiana. As Tesla and Mei look for signs of a Herrscher in the city, Mei then finds a child named Sora, who leads them to a secret settlement called "the Roost". While the children inside said settlement didn't see Kiana, they inform Mei of a giant beast in the city - which turns out to be Benares. As Mei struggled to fight the beast to protect Sora, they are saved by Sora's "sensei", whom she reveres - the same Raven of the World Serpent.

While Raven is grateful to Mei for helping the kids in her stead, she announces her intent of killing the Herrscher of the Void, and they come to blows over it; however, Sora convinces her sensei to help Mei like she had helped the kids. Mei then teams up with Raven to locate Kiana, as Raven uses her Honkai-sensing abilities to track her. As they go to Kiana's location, Benares intercepts them again, intending to protect its "master"; after the two fend off the beast, Raven provokes Mei to fight her again. Mei, as she resolves to protect her closest friend, releases a blast of electricity from her body despite the loss of her Herrscher core; this impresses Raven enough that she decides to leave Kiana to her.\\
Mei finally reunites with the unconscious Kiana but realises that the latter is dying from Honkai corruption. When Kiana wakes up, she has a walk with Mei to see the old city of Nagazora, supposedly out of nostalgia; but Kiana notices the Honkai levels of the city rising higher and higher. They also find an injured Benares on the way; Kiana manages to tame it and bring it to the Helios.

Later, when Mei tries to ask Einstein and Tesla for help, the former says that there's nothing they can do but to leave it to Kiana to solve the issue herself - the fundamental issue of the Herrscher's influence over her. Growing desperate, she goes to Raven for assistance, who tells her to meet her master, the "Sire" of the World Serpent: Kevin, who arrived on the city. He tells her that the only way to save Kiana is to become the Herrscher of Thunder again, allowing one of the three Cores within Kiana to dissipate and alleviating her issue for the time being. However, in exchange, Kevin asks her to join his group; he also adds that his group's plan would eventually save Kiana in the long run, as he says that Kaslanas like her are drawn to fight the Honkai to protect the people, even if they have to pay with their lives. A space rift then opens up in the sky of Nagazora, causing a Honkai disaster as Honkai levels go way up; the rift was caused by the 2nd Divine Key which was relocated there as part of Otto's experiment. Kevin tells her to use the Honkai energy to reawaken as a Herrscher.

Kiana, with Benares in tow, tries to stop this disaster, but not before they encounter Mei on the way, who tried to stop Kiana because of her worsening health. Out of both sense of duty and past guilts, Kiana goes to the sky anyway, and Mei tries to chase them. Suddenly, an "imaginary construct" called "Nihilius" appears out of said rift and ambuses Kiana and Benares. Mei goes to where Benares fell, only to meet Nihilius, which proceeds to attack her. During their fight, she gets immobilized by said being's power over time; before it could kill her, Benares jumps to defend her at the cost of its life. Inside Mei's mind, she hears a distant voice that tells her about the price that she has to pay to regain the power of the Herrscher - including having to part with Kiana - which Mei accepts, allowing her to awaken as the Herrscher of Thunder once again. She then completely trashes Nihilius, then revives Benares with her power and makes it her new familiar, and stops the disaster.

Mei then flies to find Kevin, who had saved Kiana from falling from the sky. Mei then announces her intent of joining the World Serpent as part of the deal, which shocks Kiana. She doesn't want her friend to join such an extreme organization and tries to fight Mei to stop her. Despite Kiana's efforts, she's eventually defeated by Mei, but not before she declares how the world means nothing to her without Kiana. Mei then leaves the unconscious Kiana behind, to be found by the Hyperion crew.

    Coral Island Crisis: Schicksal-World Serpent Joint Operation (Chapters XVIII & XIX) 
Mei takes up her mantle as the Herrscher of Thunder and becomes an officer of the World Serpent. She is deployed with Raven to an South Eastern island city, Coral Island, which was a flourishing city of the wealthy prior to a Herrscher event there. Upon their arrival, they see the entire city is covered in ice. Raven tells her that it was caused by a Honkai eruption which created the Herrscher of Ice. They then leave to rendezvous with their informant named Chen Tianwu, codenamed Owl.\\
Meanwhile, Schicksal has deployed the Immortal Blades, Schicksal's most powerful Valkyrie team, including their leader Durandal and her adjutant Rita. As they attempt to fight off the forces, they learn that the WS has sent assistance their way. Mei and Raven eventually arrives near Rita and Durandal as the latter two goes near the city's outskirts. While Rita and Raven have a rough meeting, Mei extends a helping gesture to Durandal, which the latter accepts, and then they go their separate ways; the World Serpent goes to find the Herrscher, while the Valkyries make an investigation inside the city as they try finding survivors.

Owl has located the Herrscher and has prepared devices to neutralise its abilities for incarceration. Durandal and Rita's investigation leads them to find out that a fellow Schicksal Valkyrie named Ana Schariac became the Herrscher of Ice and killed her entire team; they then share this information with the World Serpent operatives. Then the WS proceed with the plan to capture the Herrscher, in which Mei engages Ana, Raven supports from afar with her 3rd Divine Key, and Owl prepares their trump card, the Scepters of Duat, to weaken and incapacitate the Herrscher so they can bring her to their base.

When they go to execute the plan, however, Owl betrays the team as he incapacitates Mei instead and disables Raven with tranquilizer darts. It's revealed that Owl knew Ana from about 2 years ago, when the former was trapped following a Honkai disaster in Manila, and Ana saved him, which led him to revere her greatly. Owl and Ana then try escaping the city as he wishes to find a way to make her "human" again, like what happened to Mei. After Mei recovered, she goes to pursue Owl, meeting Durandal along the way. The two then find Owl and Ana, and they have a fight; when Mei is about to make a decisive strike on Ana, she suddenly has a flashback in which she sees "Kiana" in Ana's face, causing her to hesitate; Owl also jumps in to try to protect the Herrscher. When Durandal goes to attack them as well, Ana unleashes a blast of frost that trapped them in ice; she then limps away from the place with Owl.

After Mei and Durandal break free from the ice, they meet Raven on the way, having recovered from her injuries. Mei then tells Raven to recover the remains of the Scepters of Duat for her as the former keeps her pursuit of the Herrscher of Ice. As Owl and Ana slowly walks out of the city, they find Rita's squad blocking them; the Herrscher quickly traps Rita's squad in ice, then fights Rita herself, overpowering the adjutant and leaving her unconscious. As Mei and Durandal track the Herrscher's trace, they find the unconscious Rita; Durandal then tells Mei to go without her as she takes Rita out of the battlefield.

Raven comes back and brings the Scepters of Duat to Mei. The latter then confirms that the device works by using electromagnetic waves to disrupt the Herrscher's connection to their cores; she, who can manipulate electromagnetism, can replicate the waves for the same purpose. As she pursues the Herrscher of Ice, Mei finds strange ice sculptures along the way, which reveal Ana's old memories. Ana tells Owl that she's slowly succumbing to the Honkai, including how she's losing her memories; believing that she's beyond saving, she can only wish to die as a human and tries to go after Mei for that. But before Mei could execute her, Owl jumps to her defense once again... only to be stabbed in the back by Ana, now being completely corrupted.\\
Owl then sees a "dream" of the past, showing what happened in Manila 2 years ago; he sees her approaching his little sister, Chen Tianwen, who was also trapped underneath rubble. But Ana's panic over incoming Honkai Beasts caused her to flee the place instead, leaving Tianwen for dead. This "revelation" greatly shocks Owl, who revels in his anguish as the Honkai slowly washes him over, turning him into a new Herrcher of Earth. As he awakens, he decides to give his Herrscher core to Ana with the slim chance that she might survive; this causes them to merge into one being: Herrscher of Stars, a.k.a the "Rimestar", and the disasters grow more severe as this happens, threatening to cause temperature anomaly that can threaten the world's climate.

After Durandal brings Rita back to their post, the former reunites with Mei and they go to fight the combined being together. Near the end, Mei tries using her control over electromagnetism to subdue the Rimestar, but she accidentally killed them instead; she then meets the souls of Owl and Ana, with the former accepting their fates and thanking her for killing them. While the crisis is resolved, Mei could only recover their Herrscher Cores, while lamenting that they - whose stories are similar to her and Kiana - end up dead. After Raven consoles her, Mei goes to find their shared graves, and Durandal visiting it. Mei gives her last respect by putting the pendant that Owl dropped, onto the gravestone - matching the one that Durandal had put, which belonged to Ana.

    Whereabouts of Fu Hua (Chapters XX, XXI & XXII) 
Fu Hua's corpse at Schicksal has been restored to life and looks slightly different in terms of personality, power and appearance. She has retained her memories but has lost her cautious and calculating personality. Sensing him as dangerous and remembering him as traitorous, she kills Otto, but he revives in a backup body somewhere else, and destroys half of Schicksal's base to fly off towards the World Serpent's hideout. She tears through the WS' defenses until she meets Kevin. He asks her if she is who she says she is. They fight, and Kevin returns the feather of the Fenghuang Down she had given him. She flies off, and speaks to the consciousness inside said feather - the real Fu Hua.

Along the way, the two talks about Fu Hua's old life, about how a lot of things has happened and how she has faced multiple misfortunes and betrayals. She reaches her old abode Mount Taixuan and destroys the legion of Beasts swarming the area. She gets into an argument with the feather about who is the real Fu Hua, and the feather comes to the revelation that consciousness currently inside her body is a Herrscher herself. She sees the Hyperion in the sky and tells the feather that they should have a second opinion.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Hyperion is searching for Mount Taixuan for Fu Hua's old teachings, in the hopes that Kiana and Bronya can use them to help control their Herrscher powers. Upon reaching the Mountain, the two come into contact with Fu Hua's disciple Lin Zhaoyu who tells them to collect the feathers of the Fenghuang Down, the 8th Divine Key. As they collect the feathers, they see multiple scenes about Fu Hua's old life; they're Fu Hua's discarded memories throughout her long life. Kiana and Bronya then finds something amiss upon acquiring a particular feather, in which the "memory scene" behaves unlike the other feathers; as they go to the monastery on the mountain, they discover Fu Hua, looking different from the class monitor they knew.

"Fu Hua" claims herself to be the same old Fu Hua, but the existence of the feather consciousness tips Kiana and Bronya off about the truth. They have a brief fight, in which Bronya loses consciousness to distract the Herrscher; Kiana and the real Fu Hua (the feather) then plan to make the Herrscher in her body realize who she really is. She then asks them to judge who's the real Fu Hua: her, or the consciousness residing in the feather. After Kiana thoroughly manipulates the situation around with her words to show how different the Herrscher is from Fu Hua, she declares that the real Fu Hua is someone she and Bronya always knows as their gentle yet strong class monitor, while "Fu Hua" is only strong but lacks the real Fu Hua's heart. This greatly enrages "Fu Hua" that she fully awakens as the Herrscher of Sentience.

Kiana then proceeds to fight her as the latter creates a large-scale dreamscape for the two to battle in. Near the end, as she grows desperate over Kiana choosing the "feather" over her, she tries launching a massive energy attack, which Kiana counters with the secret technique that Fu Hua has taught her, combining it with her own Herrscher powers. As the power struggle goes on, however, Fu Hua uses the opportunity to seal the Herrscher in a Fenghuang Down feather together with herself, despite Kiana's protests. Kiana, refusing to lose another of her closest ones just for "victory", uses her Herrscher powers to enter the feather that Fu Hua left behind. As she dives inside, she witnesses how much Fu Hua has suffered throughout her long life, and she responds them all by swearing to be a strong friend for her. Despite Fu Hua's concern that the Herrscher might come out again, Kiana pulls her out regardless. In the end, inside Fu Hua's mind, the Herrscher of Sentience admits defeat and the fact that she knows deep down that she is a Herrscher; however, she refuses to share her body with Fu Hua's, so she decides to "leave" to parts unknown.

    Terror of the Legion Herrscher (Chapters XXIII, XXIV & XXV) 

Arc 3: Finale

    Immortal Blades (Chapter XV-EX) 

    Succession at Kolosten (Chapter XVI - ongoing) 


  • Everlasting Memory: Born in a laboratory, it is needless to say that Theresa is burdened by some unique memories and experiences.
  • Chapter Xuanyuan & Chapter Chiyou: To track down the legend of the Jixuanyuan stigma and the Xuanyuan sword, Himeko's party has come to the deepest of depths to search the Nine Realms.
  • Dilemma Dreamland: Because Bronya destroyed the biochip implanted in her head, she is now in danger. To save her, Valkyries decide to enter Bronya's dreamland...
  • Kallen Fantasy VII: Developed with the funding of Schicksal's Bishop Otto! For the first time ever, the legendary RPG will be unveiled for the public to play! Transfer student Kallen has just arrived at St. Freya High School and is determined to become the queen bee. What challenges will she be facing?
  • The Forgotten: Will past memories become a burden to an endless life doomed to loneliness? Familiar names have long since turned to dust. Should one try to uphold the promises made eons ago? Thus spoke the girl who stood vigil for millennia: "The fact that I am standing here at this very moment is proof of their existence".
  • Dreams of Gemina: The Olenyeva Twins of Cocolia's Orphanage decided to pursue their dreams.

Open World Stories

  • Sakura Samsara: Stigmata are powerful forces that have been passed down through the legacy of blood. They are the sparks of light that enable civilization to continue existing. Many unknown secrets are still buried.
  • Schicksal HQ: Schicksal HQ is a giant floating island above the Mediterranean. It is the administrative hub of Schicksal and houses its core research facilities. Its duty is to fight against the Honkai. Every routine and task is engineered towards that purpose. Now, a group of rebels have invaded this place.
  • A Post-Honkai Odyssey: It's been eight years after Honkai vanished from the Earth. With Schicksal's help, humanity has gradually recovered from that horrible catastrophe. The girls who had gone through all the perils to protect the world have grown up, and they are still fighting for all that's beautiful. St. Fountain, a city that has been reconstructed incredibly after the Honkai eruption, is also known as the "Lode of Gold" and the "City of Rebirth". It is located at the southernmost part of Africa, nested in a gentle coast of Cape of Good Hope and surrounded by the rocky headlands named the Lion's Head Bay. Some shocking secrets are hidden within this seemingly harmless coastal city. The new story begins here.

Supplementary Comics

  • Elan Palatinus: In 1470 AD, Schicksal rallied the nobles of Europe and unleashed a crusade to conquer the Far East, only to be defeated by an immortal warrior. Kallen Kaslana, a powerful Valkyrie warrior, must make a choice between love and her oath.
  • Second Eruption: February 2000. Every personnel of Babylon Labs vanished within a single night. Overseer Otto of Schicksal dispatched a special task force to investigate the incident. No one realized that this mysterious even would quickly escalate to global proportions.
  • Azure Waters: The Silver Wolf of Urals was sent on a suicide mission to assassinate the Demoness of Siberia. Little did the Wolf know that this would change her life forever.
  • Escape from Nagazora: A catastrophic Honkai outbreak decimated the city of Nagazora in 2014. Three girls must band together to escape the stricken city while a secret organization known as Schicksal mobilized its forces to defeat the Herrscher amongst them.
  • St. Freya High: Having escaped Nagazora with their lives, Kiana, Mei, and Bronya enrolled in St. Freya High as Valkyrie trainees. To prevent an academically challenged Kiana from flunking out, Bronya devised a special plan.
  • The Gratitude Arc: After defeating a pseudo-Herrscher, an exhausted Theresa was rendered unconscious by a mysterious stigma on her back. Kiana, Mei, and Bronya attempted to revive the principal while the latter found herself entwined with a ravishing beauty.
  • AE Invasion: A secretive group known as Anti-Entropy made plans to abduct someone from the campus of St. Freya High. Will the Valkyrie trainees protect their friend against this insidious invader?
  • Moon Shadow: Anti-Entropy struck Schicksal again by acquiring an item of interest from a defector. While the girls celebrated Major Himeko's recovery from Honkai condition, class monitor Fu Hua received a special mission assignment from the Overseer himself.
  • World Serpent: Serpent cults have thrived throughout history, yet their origins have been long lost to the passage of time. The revelations of this day shall prove that the myths are real. The Serpent has returned and he shall cast the world into a maelstrom of chaos.
  • London Holiday: Valkyrie Durandal was given a special holiday for her hard work, while Rita was sent on a special investigation. Rumors spoke of a mysterious Divine Key that might just be connected to the Matter of Britain.
  • Second Key: For years, the one within the Second Key observed other worlds of the great Tree. He witnessed countless civilizations prosper before wilting away, and he still continues his search for the path of humanity's victory over the Honkai. His watch ended when the chosen one entered his world...
  • Alien Space: Somewhere in the galaxy during the year 2029, the Gates opened and the Sky People were poised to track down the Beacon. Yet this story began 24 years ago in 2005 when repairs of the Fourth Divine Key was just completed.

Limited Time Events

  • Sanguine Nights: She descended like the beautiful, enigmatic night and sparkled like the stars themselves. Entrancing light and darkness are blended as one, forming a gentle halo overtaken by the brightness of day.
  • Odd Drifter: Being a good adventurer requires keen eyes. Captains who read through the dialogs carefully will have a much easier time moving forward~
  • Empyrean Legends: The Celestial bids farewell to the passing year and sets out to restore the peace of Shenzhou.
  • Cybernet Havens: Haxxors must protect this pacifist society with violence.
  • Honkai Kingdoms - ZERO: This is a tale that transpired millennia ago. A tale of the past and the future, my dear friend...
  • The Day You Vanished with the Stars: Please take me to the true future where we can meet again!
  • Rosemary's Floriograph: A sinful fog has wreathed the city of dead silence. The pale chime of falling rain follows her every step. If Disir were to guide...
  • Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou: Embark on a new journey! St. Freya sets sail on their spring cruise to a tropical island!
  • Estival Seaside Amusement Park: When sea breezes blow through every street in summer, the whole city becomes the Estival Seaside Amusement Park! The annual Beast Tamer Championship is drawing near!

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