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All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Archon Quests

The main-story missions of the game, divided into chapters which initially focus on the journeys of the Traveler, the player character, through one of the seven nations of Teyvat, before focusing on the Traveler themselves and their growth.

Character Stories

These quests fall into two categories: Story Quests, linear stories typically limited to 5★ characters (as well as some 4★ characters introduced in v1.0), and Hangout Events, multi-branching stories introduced in v1.4 dedicated to 4★ characters. The former requires one Story Key to unlock if they are unlocked at Adventure Rank 32 and above, while the latter requires two. Story Keys, of which up to three can be held at once, are typically obtained after completing eight Daily Commissions; as there are only four available per real-life day, this means the fastest method requires completing Commissions over two days.

World Stories

NOTE: Names for Hidden Exploration Objectives are typically unofficial, taken from the Genshin Impact Wiki

Event Story Quests

    Unreconciled Stars 
Related Version: v1.1 "A New Star Approaches" (November 11, 2020)
Event Duration: November 16–30, 2020
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

Act I: Unknown Star

Released: November 16, 2020

Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurer's Guild informs the Traveler and Paimon of an urgent commission. The night before, the countryside of Mondstadt and Liyue was struck with meteorites bearing a strange power to put any who dare touch them into a deep sleep. Accompanying the Traveler in the commission is Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort, an investigator with a rather eccentric vocabulary, and her raven familiar-slash-translator Oz.

The group's first destination is Springvale, where they find several villagers in a deep sleep. After saving Allan, who ran off to see the meteorite despite the danger, from slimes Paimon believes were agitated by the meteorite, the latter then notices Fischl's Electro Vision lighting up, with Oz explaining that it must be reacting to the elemental energy from the "stardusts", as the meteorite shards are called. After collecting the shards, the victims wake up, who share a dream of climbing up a cold mountain.

Act II: Star of Deceitful Dreams

Released: November 18, 2020

The Traveler, Paimon, Fischl, and Oz return to Springvale in a much better shape than before, where Draff brings the Traveler a summons from Adelinde, who commissions them to find a pair of delivery carts bound for the Dawn Winery stuck at the Stone Gate checkpoint. They find one driven by Ben, but the other one, driven by Fritz, was stuck further behind.

The group finds that Fritz has fallen victim to the meteorite, seemingly tended to by a young man from Inazuma who happens to pass by, leaving just as a Millelith guard also comes to bring him to Wangshu Inn, which has also been turned to an impromptu sick bay, its sleeping patients also dreaming of a mountain. Huai'an also commissions the party with tracking down meteorites within the vicinity of the inn, even as the Traveler asks him to tell Fritz to return to the Winery immediately once he wakes up.

Salvaging meteorites is no easy task, however, as their high elemental energy not only attracts slimes and hilichurls, but also empowers them periodically. Worse still, they have attracted unwanted attenton from the Fatui. After retrieving the meteorites, the patients at Wangshu wake up, even as Fischl wonders whether or not the meteorites are not so much a natural phenomenon as much as a curse.

Returning to the Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild hall, the party requests for an expert in dark magic. Katheryne knows no such expert; nevertheless, she summons Mona to join the party, who suggests that they head for a place where ley lines run smoothly so she can conduct her investigation, eventually settling for a ruin overlooking Windrise.

After conducting her investigation, Mona is perplexed that the meteorites apparently came from a Stella Fortuna, celestial objects that compose every individual's constellation, leading Fischl to conclude that they must be a curse.

Act III: Star of Destiny

Released: November 23, 2020

Reassembling at Windrise, the group decide to piece together clues they have gathered so far, namely that the meteorites came from someone's constellation, and that those who fell asleep under their influence had vague dreams of a mountain. The group, minus Mona, then visit Qingce Village, which also saw dozens of victims. Fortunately, one of them, Gao the Sixth, has already awakened, and after nourishing him with food he tells them that he dreamt of being compelled to climb a snow-capped mountain looming beyond the clouds.

The four report back to Mona, who divines that the victims had a vision of an intrepid mountaineer named Leonard. Just then, the young man from Inazuma greets the group and offers his help with the investigation... only for Mona to sense something wrong with him and teleports herself and the others away. The young man—Scaramouche, sixth of the eleven Fatui Harbingers—is upset at the Traveler eluding his assassination attempt anew. Before he can order his grunts to continue their search, however, a huge meteorite passes by, forcing him to change his plans and instead order his grunts to continue researching the meteorites.

Suspecting that the meteorites may have been summoned by the Fatui, Mona detects the huge meteorite along Falcon Coast and decides to research the "Fallen Star", as she calls it.

Act IV: Where Ancient Stars Align

Released: November 26, 2020

With more people succumbing to the meteorites' power following the descent of the "Fallen Star", Fischl and Oz decide to leave the party in order to tend to the sick. Meanwhile, Mona has gleaned more information from the Fallen Star, identifying Leonard as an intrepid adventurer from centuries past.

Back at the City of Mondstadt, Katheryne is unable to pinpoint the identity of this "Leonard", the Guild's annals having had many adventurers who bore that name, though she recommends the Traveler to find a book authored by a Leonard in the Knights' library. Fortunately, the Traveler and Paimon do find a book called Of Mountains and Seas; unfortunately, much of it has become illegible. Nevertheless, they bring it to Mona for her to decipher.

Having successfully done so, Mona concludes that Leonard was an adventurer from two thousand years ago who dreamt of climbing a mountain called Pilos Peak, where she believes the core meteorite containing his spirit may be located, arguing that it will go where the person always wanted to go in life. As said peak no longer exists according to the modern geography of Teyvat, and after recalling tales of Barbaros' ability to terraform, such as sinking mountains below the sea, Mona hypothesizes that Musk Reef, far to the east, may be the remnant of the summit of Pilos Peak.

Traveling to the island, the trio chance upon Scaramouche next to a meteorite, apparently waking up from a dream. He is in no mood to fight, however, claiming to have made an awful discovery about the stars being a lie. He then leaves several Fatui grunts to engage the trio as he makes his exit, even as he grumbles about being manipulated by a fellow Harbinger he simply calls the "Jester".

After they were done with the Fatui, the trio continue their investigation, and confirms that the meteorite is the core component, the vessel of Leonard's soul, and source of the curse. As the Traveler destroys it, the group gets a look into the memories of Leonard in his waning years, a man who by age forty has conquered every domain in Teyvat save Pilos Peak; frustrated but unbowed, he decides to spend his remaining years inventing tools to conquer nature—including, implicitly, the Wind Glider—hoping that one day someone may finally reach the Peak.

As the trio prepare to return to Mondstadt, Mona expresses her curiosity at Fischl's eccentricities, Paimon wonders what Leonard will think of Barbatos making Pilos Peak far more accessible, and the Traveler simply wishes for the speedy recovery of the victims.

Optional Activities

Unlocked after completing the related Story Acts.
  • Act I: Gather Meteorite Shards from six locations: Starfell Valley, Cape Oath, Qingce Village, Yaoguang Shoal, Jueyun Karst, and Guyun Stone Forest.
  • Act II: Guided by Mona, salvage Meteorite Remains across Mondstadt and Liyue and defeat hostiles attracted to it.
  • Act III: The Traveler and company decide to test the power of the Fallen Star by offering it energy extracted from hostile forces attracted to it.

World Quests

Unlocked after completing the related Story Acts.

Act I

  • That Which Fell from the Sky: At the request of Sister Grace, the Traveler checks in on people outside the City of Mondstadt during the meteor shower and implore them to seek shelter behind the walls of the city, albeit in vain due to several people being too afraid or too interested in the meteorites to retreat.
  • To Each Their Duty: Huffman is worried for the safety of his fellow Knights, and so delegates the Traveler with relaying orders for his comrades-in-arms to temporarily retreat to the City, only for them to be unable to comply, either due to escorting children who wanted to see the meteor shower or had to fend off monster attacks.
  • Thoughts Carried On the Wind: Godwin, a Knight patroling Windrise, asks for the Traveler's aid holding back creatures that grew aggressive in the wake of the meteor shower, then has them relay messages to and from his girlfriend Glory, who is under the impression that he is on a faraway land.

Act II

  • The Siege of Qingce: Seeing an unusually high monster activity around Qingce Village, believed to be agitated by the meteorites, the Traveler helps Jinglun, a Millelith stationed at the village, fend them off.
  • Contingencies: Huffman has his hands full dealing with heightened monster activity around the City, so he asks the Traveler to help him fend off not only monsters, but an unusually large group of Treasure Hoarders.
  • "That Guy"'s Scheme: Vile ropes the Traveler into sabotaging a Treasure Hoarder scheme to rob the City blind while the Knights are preoccupied with monsters by feeding them erroneous information.


  • Unlimited Opportunity: Ivanovich discusses the viability of using the meteorites as jewelry; discouraged by the Traveler, however, he instead opts for obtaining Sweet Flowers affected by the meteorites.
  • A Mysterious Loss: Viktor commissions the Traveler with retrieving a box he lost at the Thousand Winds Temple while fleeing the meteor shower.
  • Trouble With Letters: Jiayi asks the Traveler to deliver a letter to his daughter Little Liu at Qingce, apologizing for being unable to see his family yet again amidst the emergency surrounding the meteor shower.

    The Chalk Prince and the Dragon (Dragonspine, 2021 run) 
Related Version: v1.2 "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" (December 23, 2020)
Event Duration: December 23, 2020–January 5, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20
Prerequisite Quests: "For a Tomorrow Without Tears" (Archon Prologue, Act II); "Traveler Observation Report" (Princeps Cretaceus [Albedo] Story, Act I)

Act I: Festering Desire

Released: December 23, 2020

The Traveler and Paimon chance upon Sucrose at the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp, apparently trading places with Timaeus in looking after the alchemy stall back at the City of Mondstadt and assisting Albedo. Believing her teacher may be hiding some great secret from her and Timaeus, Sucrose ropes the duo into climbing their way to his campsite.

Upon arrival, Albedo informs them about a cursed sword which he believes the Traveler can use with little side effects, other than being attacked by slimes and Treasure Hoarders. Albedo explains that the sword was part of the loot of a group of Treasure Hoarders arrested by the Knights of Favonius outside the City not so long ago, which has long languished in their storehouse for lack of claimants before he noticed it and began experimenting on it and discovered its magical nature.

Albedo then recounts the tale of Durin, a black dragon that terrorized Mondstadt long ago before being defeated by Barbatos and Dvalin, and whose remains fell to Dragonspine. Given the mountain's never-melting snow, Albedo wonders whether or not Durin's corpse was deliberately felled here so the snow could restrain its corrosive, venomous power. Furthermore, the cursed sword was made from some of its remains, and thus reeks of its malicious influence. Believing the Traveler to be immune to the sword's thrall, Albedo tasks them with experimenting on it.

Act II: Archon's Rival

Released: December 25, 2020

The Traveler and Paimon return to Albedo to report on their progress with empowering the cursed sword. In turn Albedo tells them of unusual signs at a camp down the mountain, where they run afoul not only of Treasure Hoarders, but also the Fatui. Albedo suspects that the latter group, who are known for collecting information on the Archons, may have heard of the sword and its connection to Durin, who was said to be equals with Barbatos.

Albedo then tells them of a ley line anomaly to the west that had been attracting monsters, and thus ample opportunity to further empower the cursed sword. After clearing the anomaly, Albedo hypothesizes that the sword resonates to the energy absorbed from the monsters because they, too, have come under the influence of Durin long after its death. He then has the Traveler continue empowering the sword while he continues his research.

Act III: Raiders Amidst Snow Mist

Released: December 28, 2020

At the foot of Dragonspine, the Traveler and Paimon chance upon Albedo putting Cyrus to task over sending newly-minted adventurers on an exposure trip to the mountain, aware that Albedo is keeping the matter of the cursed sword between the three of them. Once Cyrus leaves, Albedo then tells the Traveler of a newfound monster habitat.

Along the way, however, the trio are ambushed by hilichurls, who make off with Albedo's sketchbook. The trio track the hilichurls' path, leading them to the entrance of a cave. Unwilling to tarry further, and knowing of their gliding skills, Albedo orders the Traveler to take a shortcut by gliding down the mountain and onto the other end of the cave and into a hilichurl camp with unusually strong winds. After retrieving the sketchbook, however, Albedo realizes it has some damage, so the trio decide to retreat to his campsite.

The trio then discuss whether or not Albedo sees some sentimental value in his works after stating that he could just redraw his works, before Albedo changes the subject to the hilichurls they encountered, noting that the influence of Durin, in addition to lower human activity higher up the mountain, has made them stronger. He then asks the Traveler to continue using the cursed sword to absorb their energy, even as he cryptically states that he trusts them with the task because they are both lonely individuals unlike any other being in Teyvat.

Act IV: Uninvited Guests

Released: December 31, 2020

Returning to Albedo's campsite, the Traveler and Paimon run into Sucrose, who has spent the week using his makeshift laboratory for her own experiments and has largely forgotten her purpose for visiting Albedo. After the Traveler fills her in on the cursed sword, the trio then head out to allow Sucrose to see the sword in action. Along the way they rescue Pallad from freezing to death in a snow pit, only to run into the Fatui, who were tasked with stealing the sword on behalf of Signora.

After defeating the Fatui, Albedo runs into the party and learns that the Traveler and Paimon spilled about the sword to Sucrose, which he takes in stride, knowing that one way or another her curiosity would have led her to discover it, even as he shows concern that somehow Durin's curse may have also affected the Fatui, given that the sword increased in power after defeating them. Just then, a clearly delirious Pallad mistakes the sword's glow for fire, and he rushes to grab it. The sword falls to the ground, causing its energy to seep into a dead tree root, from which emerged a Cryo Regisvine.

After defeating the monster, Albedo is surprised to discover that so great is the power of Durin that it can even revive withered plants and mutate them. While he has Sucrose escort Pallad down the mountain, Albedo asks the Traveler to continue experimenting on the sword.

Act V: Afterword

Released: January 5, 2021

Having sufficiently empowered the cursed sword, the Traveler and Paimon return to Albedo to report on their success. Albedo then extracts Durin's force from the sword, then hands its husk to the Traveler for use as a regular weapon, as well as thanks for their assistance. After the Traveler and Paimon leave, Albedo realizes that he also resonates with Durin's life force, wondering if, like himself, Durin is also a creation of his master Rhinedottir, and whether or not meeting the Traveler was a good thing.

Optional Activities

Unlocked after completing the relevant Story Acts.

  • Act I: Collect Rime-Worn Fragments and Rime-Worn Crystals, as well as empower the cursed sword, henceforth known as "Festering Desire".
  • Act II: Collect Glimmering Essences by completing combat time trials.
  • Act III: Draconic Pilgrimage: Collect Warm Essences by guiding Warmth Seelies and fighting off hostile forces and Dragonspine's bone-chilling cold alike.
  • Act IV: Frostborn Miracle: Take on the mutant Cryo Regisvine to collect Miraculous Essences.

    All That Glitters (Lantern Rite, 2021 run) 
Related Version: v1.3 "All That Glitters" (February 3, 2021)
Event Duration: February 10–28, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 23
Prerequisite Quests: "Of the Land Amidst Monoliths" (Archon Chapter I, Act I); "Butterfly's Dream" (Alatus [Xiao] Story, Act I)

Act I: The Origin of the Lanterns

Released: February 10, 2021

One day, the Traveler and Paimon run into a Wangshu Inn abuzz with activity. As explained to them by Verr, all of Liyue is preparing for the annual Lantern Rite, a grand celebration on the first full moon of the year in honor of the nation's heroes. She also suggests that the duo convince Xiao to join the main festivities in Liyue Harbor, to which Paimon expresses some skepticism, given his usually aloof disposition.

Heading to Liyue Harbor, they learn from the cityfolk that the highlight of the Lantern Rite is the raising of the giant Mingxiao Lantern, which is powered by plaustrite, a levitating ore. In particular, this year's Rite is dedicated to the deer-like adeptus Skybracer, who, according to Madame Ping, sacrificed his life during the Archon War by cutting his antlers off to prop up Mount Tianheng after it nearly collapsed, then fighting on until he bled out, his blood becoming the Bishui River to the north.

Heading to the site of the Mingxiao Lantern, the duo orient themselves by meeting Wang'ya, an officer of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and overseer of this year's Rite. After having the duo run an errand, she gifts them with the smaller, handheld Xiao Lantern, as well as introduces them to the craftsman Jingming, who is in charge of the Rite's lanterns, who then encourages the duo to see him any time whenever they want to craft more Xiao Lanterns.

Act II: Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns

Released: February 14, 2021
Restrictions: Cannot be completed while World Quests "Will of Stone" or "Necessary Procedures" are ongoing.

Days later, the Traveler and Paimon talk to Wang'ya again, who explains that plaustrite ores are usually donated by people who carve their wishes onto them. She then suggests the duo to collect rarer variants of the ore: azurite, found in the northern part of Mount Tiangheng which when entangled with vegetation produce Bloaty Floatties, balloon-like airborne plants; and vermillionite in Guili Plains, which is attacked to a Ruin Hunter.

After collecting the ores, the duo report back to Wang'ya, who then encourages the duo to make their wishes. Paimon, as usual, wishes for a bottomless stomach, while the Traveler simply wishes to fulfill their missing sibling's desire. Afterwards, she directs them to gather construction materials down at the docks, where they run into a suspicious person gathering flammable materials. The duo then report to Wang'ya, who then orders them to report to Jiayi at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, who tells them that a Millelith detachment assigned to guard incoming traffic has yet to return from Guili Plains.

The duo then help the group clear a hilichurl blockade, who informs them that they are also in hot pursuit of another thief. Realizing they have little choice but conduct the investigation by themselves, the duo return to the docks, just in time to see the suspicious man stalking the festivities anew. After losing him again, the duo then encounter Xiao, who was investigating a malignant influence and was already about to leave when he realized it was just a matter between mortals, as any direct involvement from him could lead to bloodshed at worst. After Xiao leaves, Paimon suggests that they meet Kaeya, who might know of a symbol their suspect left behind.

To their surprise, Kaeya is in Liyue Harbor for the festivities, who, recognizing the symbol as that of the Treasure Hoarders, arranges for them to meet a mole within the Hoarders in the south of Windrise. There the duo meet their contact, Nimrod, who denies the involvement of the Hoarders, as they are typically averse to such high-risk activity as raiding large gatherings; that said, he informs them that the Liyue branch of the Hoarders has recently received an anonymous letter which he thinks may be meant to frame them, currently in the possession of a small detachment at the western face of Mount Tianheng.

With the unexpected aid of Xiao, the Traveler and Paimon beat the Hoarder detachment into coughing up the letter, which contains an invitation for the Hoarders to the Lantern Rite to witness Liyue Harbor burn to the ground. Not even the Hoarders would want to get involved in that, so they strike a truce with the trio so they can stop the sender, though Xiao leaves immediately after.

Under the guise of a Treasure Hoarder, the Traveler accosts their suspect, Liuliu, who admits to being an applicant for the Hoarders, and is less interested in committing arson than stealing the plaustrite ore being used on the Mingxiao Lantern. Flabbergasted by the sheer naïveté of his schemes, the duo simply hand him over to the Millelith with little fanfare. Afterwards, the duo report back to Jiayi, who promises additional Millelith to guard the city.

Act III: Light Upon the Sea

Released: February 18, 2021

The Traveler and Paimon return to Wangshu Inn to report to Xiao, who continues to decline their offer to join the festivities. Downstairs, Verr and Huai'an express some disappointment that the Conqueror of Demons is skipping the festivities again, though the latter suggests bringing some of the festivities to Wangshu by bringing in Xiao Lanterns and food. Finding a suitable spot on the ground level of the Inn, the duo and Huai'an install a simple stall, before inviting Xiao downstairs, which he reluctantly accepts.

After enjoying a simple meal, the duo then invite Xiao to at least accompany them up to the entrance to Liyue Harbor, which he also reluctantly accepts. At the entrance, Xiao parts ways with them, admitting that centuries of fighting demons has more or less drawn the joy out of him, though he promises to continue fighting for Liyue as long as he hears prayers yearning for peace.

As the Traveler and Paimon return to Liyue Harbor, the Mingxiao Lantern made in the likeness of Skybracer becomes animated and takes flight, illuminating thousands of Xiao Lanterns across the city, which are then sent off to the heavens in the presence of Xiao, who is now watching the festivities from a distance, culminating in the Skybracer image exploding in a flurry of fireworks to conclude the festivities.

Lantern Rite Tales (World Quests)

Divided into stages that are unlocked both by completing Story Acts and raising the level of "Festive Fever" by completing the Tales in the previous stage. Each stage begins with a "prologue" Quest, which when completed unlocks other Quests which gradually open up with the progression of real-life days.

Stage I

Prerequisite Quest: "The Origin of the Lanterns"
Minimum Festive Fever Level: "We've Just Only Begun
  • City of Chores: Wang'ya is having trouble coordinating delivery of Xiao Lanterns to the people of Liyue Harbor, what with both the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Millelith short-handed at the moment. The Traveler volunteers to send three sets of Xiao Lanterns to three Millelith guards; Xiangming, posted near the Liyue Adventurers' Guild hall; Hongyi, near the western entrance; and Cai Le, just beyond the northern entrance. However, the latter was not present, having gone to help little Yi Xian find her Xiao Lanttern. After helping Cai Le retrieve the little girl's Lamp, the Traveler then presents him with his gift. Afterwards, they report back to Wang'ya, who then encourages them to help with preparations for the rite.
  • Day 1
    • Verses and Vistas of Lantern Rite (Part I): At the Traveler's suggestion, Vermeer heads for for a vista north of the Harbor in search of an inspiration for painting the Lantern Rite, even as he gets into a competition with Qingzhou as to whether painting or poetry can better capture the spirit of the Rite.
      Restriction: Cannot be completed while World Quest "Luhua Landscape" is ongoing
    • Hammer and Wrench: Siyu, a merchant at the Harbor, contemplates giving a Xiao lantern to her friend Wrench Wang, who is quite busy with his work at the docks. At his co-worker Hammer Li's suggestion, the Traveler helps him collect planks and take an inventory so he could have free time to release a Xiao Lantern.
    • The Illumiscreen: I: Brother Qian, of the Liyue Adventurers' Guild, invites the Traveler to try out the illumiscreen, a series of lanterns which, when rotated to a certain fashion, reveals locations of treasures spread throughout Liyue. For their first try, the Traveler, creating the image of a Glaze Lily, finds the treasures at the foot of Mount Aocang, beneath a waterfall in Wuwang Hill, and at a Treasure Hoarder tent in Sal Terrae.
  • Day 2
    • A Festive First Adventure: Tiantian of the Liyue Adventurers' Guild has heard of Brother Qian's game and doesn't want to be left out, so she devises her own, consisting of participants gliding down while collecting Xiao Lanterns in the sky. The Traveler then tries out her two first courses, Mount Tianheng and the Sea of Clouds.
    • Keeping Wanmin's Patrons Fed: Chef Mao, father of Xiangling and proprietor of the Wanmin Restaurant, has his hands full with customers during the event, even with his daughter back from her travels to lend a helping hand. The Traveler then volunteers to deliver food to Atsuko, an Inazuman expatriate, then four workers at the docks, Wrench Wang, Hammer Li, Guanhai, and Zhihua.
  • Day 3
    • Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei: Iron Ingot, a miner from The Chasm, struggles to write a poem for his crush Ziwei. The Traveler helps him find a suitable location where he can release a Xiao Lantern with the poem.
    • Mondstadters in Liyue: Geri and Freki contemplate releasing a Xiao Lantern to convey their homesickness. The Traveler gives them a Lantern, as well as Dandelion Seeds to scatter.
  • Day 4
    • Outspoken Linling: Linling is given a request to write poetry for three clients to send with their Xiao Lanterns. The Traveler helps her with procuring three Lanterns, as well as brainstorming poetry ideas for her clients: Manager Xiao, supervisor of the docks; Degui, owner of the Third-Round Knockout restaurant; and Bibo, a fisherman.
    • Little Lantern, Little Wish: Mengmeng, a little girl living next to the Statue of the Seven in Dihua Marsh, is having trouble making a Xiao Lantern for her friend Yu, who is looking after a nearby teahouse. The Traveler teaches her how to craft the Lantern, then helps Yu clean up the teahouse so he can have time with Mengmeng.

Stage II

Prerequisite Quest: "Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns"
Minimum Festive Fever Level: "Guests Flock from Afar"
  • Wangshu Once Again: Verr Goldet has her hands full with the influx of customers at Wangshu Inn, especially with many of the Inn's staff on a holiday break. After the Traveler volunteers to help bring ingredients for Yanxiao, they run into Wang'ya, who is searching for the calligrapher Bohuan, who has yet to arrive at Qingce Village and join Qingzou in leading the festivities there. The Traveler and Paimon find and save Bohuan from hilichurls, then help him gather materials before he can continue his journey.
  • Day 5
    • The Illumiscreen: II: For Brother Qian's second iteration of the illumiscreen, the Traveler creates the image of a mora coin, which leads them to treasures by clearing a time trial atop a rock pillar at the Huaguang Stone Forest, underneath the ruins of a house in Bishui Plain, and inside an Anemo barrier atop a rock in Guili Plains.
    • Where the Light Wanes: Hongyu, a Millelith guard in charge of cleaning up fallen Xiao Lanterns, is having trouble with the unusually high number of Lanterns released this year, so the Traveler volunteers to help with the cleanup.
    • Promises Remembered as Lanterns Rise: Yanxiao and Verr are concerned that, with an influx of customers, Ming would feel lonely and then pull pranks on the customers of the Wangshu Inn anew, and so request the Traveler to humor her at night and give her a Xiao Lantern.
  • Day 6
    • Yesteryear's Lanterns and the Guhua of Today: Sun Yu and Little Que'er ask the Traveler for a Qingxin flower which they will add to their Xiao Lantern; along the way to fly the Lantern from Mount Tianheng on their behalf, they also meet Zhiruo, another Guhua disciple, who is also flying hers at the place where the Clan used to fly their Lanterns.
    • A Very Festive Problem: In Bubu Pharmacy, Gui is having trouble handling an influx of customers complaining of overeating-related problems, and thus tasks the Traveler with delivering medicine to some customers, then gifts him a Xiao Lantern.
  • Day 7
    • Yanxiao's Crazy Kitchen: Yanxiao is having trouble dealing with the influx of customers at Wangshu Inn, so he ropes the Traveler with delivering dishes to the customers, as well as crafting a pair of Xiao Lanterns for himself as well as Jiangxue.
    • Lantern Rite, Big Business?: Mr. Zhu of the Emerald Maple Inn asks the Traveler to help procure Xiao Lantern materials for him to prop up business in his otherwise obscure inn.
  • Day 8
    • Lantern of the Wayfarer: Huangshan, a guard-for-hire at Wangshu Inn, is currently too busy to celebrate the Lantern Rite, being hired to escort Francis, a Fontainean merchant. The Traveler helps her protect a shipment of goods for Francis, then gifts her a Xiao Lantern.
    • When Scholar and Legends Meet: The Traveler chances upon Soraya studying legends of Skybracer holding up Mount Tianheng with his severed antlers, and assists her in studying the mountain.

Stage III

Prerequisite Quest: "Light Upon the Sea"
Minimum Festiver Fever Level:''' "Glow of a Thousand Lanterns"
  • Guests in Qingce: The Traveler and Paimon meet Wang'ya again at Wangshu Inn, who she sends to Qingce in advance while she finishes some work. At the village, Bohuan tasks them with giving Xiao Lanterns to some villagers, before helping Qingzhou build the Lanterns inscribed with riddles for the children, even as he struggles with completing his poetry for his competition with Vermeer. Afterwards, the Traveler escorts the newly-arrived Wang'ya through Qingce for an inspection, even as she relates the necessity to bring life to Qingce, a village increasingly becoming the realm of the elderly and the children now that almost all the adults work at Liyue Harbor, as well as admitting that she has little time to spend with her own family.
  • Day 9
    • The Illumiscreen: III: For the third and final iteration of the illumiscreen, the Traveler creates the image of a crane, which leads them to treasures inside a ruined tower at Lingju Pass, below a tree in the Sea of Clouds, and in one of the islands of Guyun Stone Forest.
    • Guardians of the Countryside: The Traveler helps Zhi, a herb gatherer at Qingce, pick up more herbs at the countrysite.
    • Qingce's Lanterns: Granny Ruoxin, elder of Qingce, asks the Travler to help with preparations for the festivities in the village, as well as inviting everyone.
      Restriction: Inaccessible until "Guardians of the Countryside" is completed
    • The Gift of a Lantern: Ms. Bai, Qingce's resident cook, requests the Traveler to visit her apparently senile grandfather Jiangcheng and help him clean the house and hang a Xiao Lantern.
      Restrictions: Inaccessible until "Guardians of the Countryside" and "Qingce's Lanterns" are completed
    • Verse and Vistas of Lantern Rite (Part II): The Traveler meets Vermeer on the road to Qingce to find more inspiration for his work, as well as check in on Qingzhou's own efforts. Both men eventually realize that neither of them made any progress with their respective works, and ultimately settle on a draw.

Mini-Game: Theater Mechanicus

[-Prerequisite Quest: "The Origin of the Lanterns"

Ruijin, a game craftswoman, invites the Traveler to play Theater Mechanicus, a tower defense game where players set up obstacles to prevent enemy forces from escaping the stage.

    Invitation of Windblume 
Related Version: 1.4 "Invitation of Windblume (March 17, 2021)
Event Duration: March 19–April 5, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20
Prerequisite Quest: "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" (Archon Prologue, Act III)

Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud

Released: March 19, 2021

One day the Traveler and Paimon find that the people of the City of Mondstadt are so busy they have little time to post commissions. As Flora explains, the City is currently preparing for the Windblume Festival, a joyful celebration where people give each other flowers to their loved ones, as well as offer Windblumes, flowers symbolizing freedom, to Barbatos. Because the exact nature of the Windblume has become lost to history, however, she and a few other cityfolk debate over what it truly was, ranging from the Dandelion to the Windwheel Aster to the Cecilia.

The Traveler and Paimon then visit Venti at the plaza in front of the Favonius Cathedral, teaching writing love letters to an audience that includes Albert, Ellin, Timaeus, and Bennett. Venti explains that it is a tradition among Mondstadtians to not post commissions throughout the Festival, though he ropes them in as his assistants, if only so he can earn drinking money faster, first tasking them with giving romantic advice to some cityfolk.

Afterwards, the trio are approached by Kaeya and offers to be a student of Venti, in addition to advising him to provide "homework" to his students; likewise, Venti asks of him a bottle of Festival-exclusive Applebloom Cider.

Act II: Missive of Fog and Cloud

Released: March 22, 2021

Days later, the Traveler and Paimon pay Kaeya a visit at the Knights' headquarters, where Venti is already checking in on the latter's homework. Kaeya admits that he has yet to do so, citing the Knights' heightened activity throughout the festivities, so he instead sends the Traveler, Paimon, and Venti to Angel's Share to help his drinking buddy Nimrod craft a gift for his wife while he finishes his poetry. Afterwards, the trio return to find that Kaeya's poetry is simply "I love you" in the hilichurlian tongue, and that he has another errand for them involving a request for a hunting license from the Church of Favonius.

Inside the Favonius Cathedral, the trio meet Bennett and Barbara, the latter distressed to receive a letter claiming her "precious thing" has been stolen, thinking it meant Jean, despite the fact that the trio just saw her outside warning Lisa not to use Electro magic on wandering drunkards. Bennett rushes on his own to help, while Barbara and the trio are halted by Rosaria, who reassures the former that her sister is safe; upon inspecting the letter, she deduces that the supposed treasure is located in the Dawn Winery. After clearing a gang of Treasure Hoarders, the four discover that the "treasure" is simply a box containing a Windwheel Aster wreath made by one of her fans, which despite the questionable methodology Venti compliments as a sign of sincere admiration, while the Traveler and Paimon suspect it to be the work of Albert.

Act III: Realm of Fog and Wind

Released: March 25, 2021

Later, the Traveler, Paimon, and Venti check in on Timaeus at the City's alchemy stall, only to learn that he is unable to do his homework because he and Sucrose were struggling to decipher an alchemical recipe believed to unlock the truth about the Windblume. At Sucrose's request, the trio pay a visit to Albedo at his camp in Dragonspine and gather ingredients for him to craft, discovering the recipe to be that for a giant variant of the Sweet Flower. Returning to the City, Sucrose nevertheless accepts the flower as her idea of the Windblume, while Timaeus finally submits his poetry.

The trio then realize that Bennett has yet to submit his homework, and returning to the Favonius Cathedral, Barbara alerts them that he has apparently gone missing, while Rosaria directs them to the Thousand Winds Temple. After defeating its resident Ruin Guard, the trio chances upon Bennett, accidentally imprisoned in a contraption with Razor. After Venti frees them, the Traveler fills Bennett in on the situation with Barbara's treasure; in turn, Bennett explains that he rushed off without inspecting the map, while Razor sought refuge from the noise of hunters at Wolvendom. In the meantime, both boys worked together on Bennett's poem, which they submit to Venti.

With all the poems collected, the trio end the day at Angel's Share, where Diluc is currently bartending in Charles's place and where Kaeya informs the Traveler that they have been chosen as the "Windblume Star", an award for distinguished people for their service to Mondstadt, in addition to having the privilege to offer a Windblume offering before the statue of Barbatos on the day of the Windblume Ceremony. The group, joined by Rosaria, ends the day drinking merrily.

Act IV: Dream of Wind and Flowers

Released: March 28, 2021

On the day of the Windblume Ceremony, the Traveler, as the Windblume Star, offers their Windblume of choice before the statue of Barbatos. Afterwards, Venti invites the Traveler and Paimon over at Stormterror's Lair. There, he asks the Traveler's aid in clearing out erratic wind patterns in time for Dvalin's arrival. Afterwards, the duo meet Venti atop the tower, where he reveals that the Windblume does not exist per se; rather, it was originally a secret code used in times of rebellion against oppression, which through the centuries evolved into a symbol of yearning for freedom and the courage to follow the wind, as well as, in the present, each person's idea of a floral offering to Barbatos. Venti then offers a song of freedom and sharing fond memories, as Dvalin flies over the City of Mondstadt.

World Quests

Act I

  • Those Hard-to-Reach Places: Aramis asks the Traveler to help him clear up littered flowers from city rooftops, in addition to finding Margaret's pet cat Butterfly.
  • "Quiet, please, this is a library!": The idle chatter between visitors at the Favonius Library is disturbing Ella Musk's studies on hilichurlian language, so she asks the Traveler to try to impose some order.

'Act II

  • Flavor of the Month: In Springvale, Brook is having trouble procuring meat to cook for the village's communal dinner during the festivities, so she asks the Traveler to fetch the meat and the person she originally tasked with foraging them, as well as give her Dandelion Seeds.
    • Note: Brook's person of interest depends on whether or not the player has completed "Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip" (Trulla [Xiangling] Story Quest, Act I): if it has yet to be completed, the Traveler will have to seek out Allan at Brightcrown Canyon; otherwise, Schuster at Dragonspine, in addition to giving Brook some Slime Condensate.
  • Windbrew: Margaret is thinking of a festival-exclusive concoction for Cat's Tail, so she requests the Traveler to gather either Dandelions from Starsnatch Cliff or Windwheel Asters from Windrise and help her mix the drinks and serve them to some customers.


  • The Sound of Discord: Vile has caught wind of a covert Treasure Hoarder heist during the festivities, while the Knights' security forces are being stretched thin, and thus commissions the Traveler to trick one such saboteur into revealing their hideout at Windrise so they can clear it out.
  • Adventurers in Windblume: The Traveler accepts a commission from Iris to take pictures of Dragonspine to submit to Cyrus as part of his advertisement for the Adventurers' Guild during the festivities, who in turn commissions the Traveler to go around the City on an advertisement drive.

Act IV

  • Windblumes and Snowflakes: Viktor is having trouble babysitting Lily, daughter of Rudolf and Sister Jilliana who usually comes to play with him, while her parents are out shopping, and so asks the Traveler to chaperone her around the City while she prepares a dish for Viktor.
  • Windblume Research Report: Sayid, a researcher from Sumeru, asks the Traveler to take pictures of the City of Mondstadt throughout the festival.

    Midsummer Island Adventure (Golden Island Archipelago, 2021 run) 
Related Version: 1.6 "Midsummer Island Adventure" (June 9, 2021)
Duration: June 9–28, 2021 (Event) / June 9–July 21, 2021 (Golden Apple Archipelago)
Minimum Adventure Rank: 21
Prerequisite Quests: "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" (Archon Prologue, Act III); "True Treasure" (Trifolium [Klee] Story, Act I)

[Act I] Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown

Released: June 9, 2021

The Traveler and Paimon check out Klee at the Knights of Favonius' headquarters, who find her distressed after receiving a letter from a "Dodo-King" demanding that she head to a certain "Golden Apple Archipelago" and test her worthiness to be friends with Dodoco, her stuffed bunny doll. Despite their skepticism, the Traveler and Paimon decide to play along lest the little girl run off on her own.

After failing to glean information from the cityfolk on the whereabouts of the Archipelago, the Traveler, Paimon, and Klee consult Lisa, who notices faint elemental traces on the letter. Using Elemental Sight, the Traveler traces a map of the Archipelago from the reverse side of the letter, which Lisa speculates may be related to sailors' reports of an archipelago covered in thick fog. Convinced that the islands are real, Klee tries to ask Jean, who so happens to be talking with Barbara, for some time off. While Jean has some reservations due to lack of information on the Archipelago's whereabouts, Barbara motions to the Traveler to consult Venti.

The following afternoon, the Traveler, Paimon, and Klee meet up with Barbara at the plaza in front of the Favonius Cathedral, where they are now joined by Jean, who has been convinced by both her younger sister and Lisa to join the party as chaperone, while leaving Kaeya with running the Knights in the meantime. Upon learning from the cityfolk that Venti has not performed that day, the group meet him underneath the Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero in Windrise. There, Venti does confirm the existence of the Archipelago, which he recognizes under its old name, the Haar Islands, located in a far-flung corner of Teyvat. Using his magical music, Venti summons Dvalin, who transports the Traveler, Paimon, Klee, Jean, and Barbara to the Golden Island Archipelago.

The group discovers that the Archipelago is shrouded in fog, just as Lisa described. Upon further reading of the letter, the group intuits that they must light up four beacons scattered across the four islands of the archipelago—Pudding Isle to the southeast, where the party landed, Twinning Isle to the northeast, Broken Isle to the northwest, and Minacious Isle to the southwest, which they navigate through the use of a small boat called a "Waverider". Once all four beacons are lit up, the party returns to Pudding Isle to witness the fog being lifted, revealing a bright, sunny archipelago, though Jean suggests keeping their guard for any hidden danger.

[Act II] Summer Vacation: Proceed with Caution

Released: June 11, 2021

The following day, the Traveler and Paimon are surprised to find Jean and Barbara in swimsuits, which the former surmises may have been prepared by Lisa. Then Klee alerts them to the sudden appearance of three buoys over the sea, which she believes were set up by the Dodo-King. Using the Waverider's cannons, the Traveler destroys the buoys, which seem to release some kind of energy below the ocean. Once all three buoys have been destroyed, the isles seem to rise up, revealing them to be much larger and taller, as well as causing new islands to surface, including a platform in the middle of the four isles, which Klee believes are contraptions of the Dodo-King.

Heading to the central island, the party comes across a humanoid machine which Klee thinks is the Dodo-King, though Jean thinks that it must have come from Inazuma, which she finds unusual given the distance of the islands and the isolationism of Inazuma. Because it does not respond to her calls, Klee assumes that the machine is not the Dodo-King, and runs off to continue her search.

While Klee is away, the rest of the party inspect the central island, and Barbara finds stacks of stones with small flowers, which Jean speculates to be evidence of past human activity, leading them to suspect that beyond being a mere prank, the letter was deliberately meant to spur them to uncover the secrets of the Archipelago. Klee returns disheartened, thinking the Dodo-King does not want to see her, so Barbara cheers her up with a Harpastum ball, so every day would feel like Ludi Harpastum. Her spirits lifted up, Klee resumes her search.

[Act III] Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait

Released: June 14, 2021

After a few days, the Traveler sees Jean and Barbara switched back to their normal clothes, but more importantly, the latter noticed smoke from a small island north of Pudding Isle. To the group's surprise, Kaeya and Diluc have also been transported by Dvalin to the Archipelago, with the former's work now taken up by Lisa, as do Razor and Albedo, of which the former leapt off as soon as something caught his sight, while the latter wandered off while Kaeya and Diluc were arguing.

After the group finds Albedo on Twinning Isle, the latter explains that he, Kaeya, Diluc, and Razor also received letters from the Dodo-King. Specifically, Albedo's letter claims the Dodo-King has kidnapped Klee, to whom he acts as a surrogate older brother; Kaeya's contains ostensible information on a pirate ship; Diluc's alerted him to an Abyss Order stronghold; and Razor's claims that Klee, his good friend, left on her own. The suspiciously specific tailoring of their letters to their personalities led Diluc to suspect that, even if the Dodo-King doesn't exist, someone may have deliberately brought them together, though he plays along with Klee when she insists he is real. Based on Albedo's description, the Traveler deduces that Razor may have jumped off into the central island with the machine from Inazuma.

There, the group find Razor, who has found a mechanical part which shares the same unique smell as his letter, which he believes belongs to the machine. At Razor and Klee's insistence, the Traveler inserts it into the machine, causing it to awaken and attack the party; upon being defeated, it left behind three strange crystals. Albedo speculates that the machine may have been brought by a nomadic people from Inazuma predating the Sakoku Decree, that the crystals and the stone piles and flowers may have been part of a memorial to the machine, and that it may have mistaken the party for hilichurls. Klee then finds another letter from the Dodo-King implying that he is sleeping in Minacious Isle, where she recalls seeing a strange energy shield.

Heading for Minacious Isle, they find the energy shield Klee believes conceals the Dodo-King. On the eastern side, the Traveler finds three devices with fish scale-shaped holes emitting light to a fourth. Recalling the letter found on the central island and the three crystals dropped by the machine, they theorize that they must offer the crystals to the "greedy spirit" in the sea, which Paimon believes are fishes, so she suggests placing the crystal next to a giant conch where she saw a lot of fish swimming, then wait until night for the fish to yield the scales needed to deactivate the seal. In the meantime, the party splits up to enjoy themselves: Razor and Barbara return to the central island, Diluc spends time alone in Broken Isle, Albedo observes the archipelago from the summit of Minacious Isle, and Klee, Jean, and Kaeya stay near the energy shield.

[Act IV] The Final Riddle: A Secret Uncovered

Released: June 17, 2021

The following morning, the party sees a trio of fish attracted to the crystals, which the Traveler captures to extract the scales to be placed on the three transmitters, and after some hesitation, fearing that she might lose to the Dodo-King and thus lose Dodoco, a gift from her mother Alice, Klee finally activates the device.

To their surprise, the shield conceals nothing more than a large tent, a crate full of Dodoco plushies, beach chairs, and a phonograph, which plays what seems to be a message from the Dodo-King expressing disappointment at Klee coming late... before revealing itself to be her mother Alice all along, who Paimon recognizes as the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide series. She explains that she wrote the letters to the group to visit the Archipelago, which she has recently visited, both in order to give her little girl a happy summer, and to share with the grownups her excitement in uncovering the mysteries of the Archipelago, even as she altered them to turn it into Klee's playground. Alice ends the recording by thanking the Traveler, Paimon, Jean, Barbara, Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo, and Razor for answering her summons, and assures her daughter that there are many people who love her and care for her. Her joy unbridled, Klee invites the Traveler to join her bomb fish to her heart's content.


Unlocked after completing their related Story Acts.
  • [Act I] Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire!: The Traveler is tasked with helping clear the waters of the Golden Island Archipelago of hilichurl offshore platforms with the use of cannons built into the Waverider.
  • [Act II] Whirlpool off to Starboard... Full Speed Ahead!: The Traveler tests their Waverider driving and gliding skills in a series of time trials.
  • [Act III] Samurai Sighted... To Arms!: The Maguu Kenki, the humanoid machine from Inazuma, has awakened, and the Traveler takes the opportunity to test their mettle against it.
  • [Act IV] Harpastum Bombs Loaded... Blow 'Em Away!: The Traveler gets to test the power of Klee's Harpastum bombs on hilichurl camps across the archipelago.


Minimum Adventure Rank: 21 (common)

Echoing Tales

Event Duration: June 9–July 21, 2021Scattered across the Golden Apple Archipelago are Echoing Conches, within which are recorded memories of the peoples who sought refuge in the Archipelago long ago.

Kaboomball Kombat

Event Duration: July 2–12, 2021The Traveler and Paimon find one of Albedo's paintings that generates a "Dodofortress", which the Traveler challenges in a game of dodgeball.

Never-Ending Battle

Event Duration: July 9–19, 2021Enemies of unknown origin have come ashore to the Golden Apple Archipelago—slimes, hilichurls, whipperflowers, Treasure Hoarders, Abyss Mages, and Ruin machines alike—and it is up to the Traveler to drive them back and keep the peace of the islands.

World Quests

  • The Other Side of Isle and Sea: The Traveler finds strange murals on the four major island groups, as well as a nameless island far to the northeast. Once the Traveler has taken photographs of the five murals, they return to Mondstadt to present them to Sayid for study, who concludes that they tell a story of waves of immigrants shipwrecked and living in the island before building new boats to depart to a new home.
    • A Trip Through Fog and Wind: Next to the mural at Twinning Isle, the Traveler finds a largely illegible note that leads to a secret island further northeast and shrouded in fog, where a mural awaits if they can traverse it in midday.
  • From Outer Lands: The Traveler finds two halves of a ship in both Twinning and Broken Isles, which seem to tell a tale of reufgees from Inazuma who lost several boards, and thus treasures, when they got shipwrecked in the archipelago. The Traveler and Paimon sail for the locations of the sunken ship to retrieve the treasures.
  • Who Wields the Wind Wind?: On an island north of Broken Isle, Paimon takes note of the Archipelago's strange weather patterns. Believing that a treasure chest in the center may have something to do with them, they unseal it by climbing the island's three peaks and defeating hilichurl nests there.
  • The Winding Homeward Way: To the Traveler and Paimon's surprise, they encounter a Seelie in Minacious Isle. By activating some Elemental Totems, the Traveler guides the Seelie through a portal leading to Windrise in Mondstadt, to the duo's confusion.
  • They Who Hear the Sea: One Echoing Conch found at Twinning Isle contains a message that seems to point to a treasure in the center of the island, which the Traveler and Paimon can only unlock by listening carefully to the sounds the Conches make.
    Note: Tied to the "Echoing Tales" sub-event.
  • Summer Gift: The Traveler and Paimon see a Harpastum ball at the peak of Pudding Isle, as well as a letter from Barbara inviting its recipient to enjoy the summer vacation on the Archipelago like she and Klee did.
    Restriction:''' Limited to players who did not complete the "Midsummer Island Adventure" event.

Other Event Quests

    Released under v1. 0 "Welcome to Teyvat" 

Elemental Crucible

Event Duration: October 12–19, 2020
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20
Prerequisite Quest: "For a Tomorrow Without Tears" (Archon Prologue, Act II)

Timaeus, manager of the alchemy stall of the City of Mondstadt, has created an experimental Elemental Crucible can process pure elemental energy instead of materials which are prone to introducing impurities. He then invites the Traveler to the Thousand Winds Temple to test the Crucible by gathering "Elemental Clots", either by collecting them from surroundings or defeating enemies.

Marvelous Merchandise

Event Duration: October 26–November 2, 2020
Minimum Adventure Rank: 12

Liben, a wandering merchant from Liyue, arrives at the City of Mondstadt and offers the Traveler valuable items in exchange for cooking ingredients.

    Released under v1. 1 "A New Star Approaches" 

Gliding Challenge

Event Duration: December 4–14, 2020
Minimum Adventure Level: 20

Hughes, a Wind Glider fanatic from the Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild, ropes the Traveler into testing out their ability to use theirs from various vistas such as Guili Plains, Huaguang Stone Forest, Windrise, Cuijue Slope, Mount Tianheng, Minlin, and the Brightcrown Mountains.

While It's Warm

Event Duration: December 11–18, 2020
Minium Adventure Rank: 20

The Traveler spends a whole week delivering food on behalf of Good Hunter in the City of Mondstadt, Wangshu Inn in Dihua Marsh, and Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor.

    Released under v1. 2 "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" 

Lost Riches

Event Duration: January 8–18, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20
Prerequisite Quest: "The Outlander Who Caught the Wind" (Archon Prologue, Act I)

Ulman, a self-proclaimed "treasure-seeker", has problems with his treasure-seeking Seelie companion suddenly declining to join him. When he asks the Traveler for help, he realizes that the Seelie has become attached to them, and so tasks them with helping the Seelie find treasure across Mondstadt and Liyue.

Marvelous Merchandise (2nd run)

Event Duration: January 23–30, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 12

Liben returns to the City of Mondstadt, once again offering the Traveler precious items in exchange for providing him some cooking ingredients.

    Released under v1. 3 "All That Glitters" 

Five Flushes of Fortune

Event Duration: February 3–13, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

Ji Tong is having trouble with a "Kurious Kamera" he bought in Fontaine, and lends them to the Traveler to test it out on objects and/or animals with strong colors.

Vishaps and Where to Find Them

Event Duration: March 5–12, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

Katheryne of the Liyue Adventurers' Guild is concerned with recent sightings of Geovishaps, aggressive, lizard-like creatures which could threaten sightseers, travelers, and people who are out to release their Xiao Lanterns during the Lantern Rite, and thus the Traveler volunteers to coordinate other adventurers in expeditions in search of Geovishaps, as well as directly taking them on to secure the roads.

    Released under v1. 4 "Invitation of Windblume" 

Contending Tides

Event Duration: April 2–12, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

Dr. Livingstone alerts the Traveler to an unusually high hilichurl activity in Dadaupa Gorge as of late, which she believes is centered on a free-for-all tournament at the Meaty Tribe's arena in the north, and encourages them to take on all sorts of challengers—hilichurls, slimes, and Ruin Guards alike—to help with her investigation.

Marvelous Merchandise (3rd run)

Event Duration: April 16–23, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 12

After a terrible experience eating mushrooms from Sumeru, Liben the wandering merchant returns to the City of Mondstadt with more nice rewards in exchange for cooking ingredients.

    Released under v1. 5 "Beneath the Light of Jadeite" 

Energy Amplifier

Event Duration: April 30–May 17, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

At a teahouse in Dihua Marsh, the Traveler and Paimon chance upon Hosseini, a scholar from the Akademiya of Sumeru, lamenting the explosion of the rare Irminsul Fruit he just recovered during a commission with the Liyue Adventurers' Guild in the middle of a Treasure Hoarder attack, and thus putting his thesis in jeopardy. At the recommendation of his adventurer companion Yingzhu, the Traveler volunteers to help gather the fragments of the Fruit. When they return, Hosseini is intrigued at the Traveler's report that the fragments are larger and have attracted monsters, so he gives them an Energy Amplifier, an artifact from Sumeru which draws on the power of the fragments, to test its powers against monsters inside domains in Bishui Plain, the Dawn Winery, Mount Tianheng, and Nantianmen.


Event Duration: May 14–24, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

Gygax in the City of Mondstadt invites the Traveler to join his revival of Windtrace, a hide-and-seek game based on tales of Mondstadt's heroic resistance against the Lawrence aristocracy.

Mimi Tomo

Event Duration: May 27–June 8, 2021
Minimum Adventure Rank: 20

The Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild had received an emergency commission involving a resurgence of hilichurl activity on trade routes, led by an unusual hilichurl. On one hotspot in Windrise, the Traveler rescues Ella Musk, who then ropes them into helping her proof-test her vocabulary book on docile hilichurls, in addition to hunting down hostile ones and their unusual leader.




Shadows Amidst Snowstorms

Focus Character: Albedo and Eula
Release Date: 11/25/2021

The Traveler and Paimon decided to visit Timaeus in his shop one day in order to see if Paimon can commission him to create a gadget that can preserve Sunsiettas indefinitely. They see Timaeus with Sucrose and Albedo, the latter whom was acting rather strange when he had left. After failing to get either Sucrose or Timaeus to make the juice preserver, the duo decide to chase Albedo to Dragonspine to get him to do it instead. When the two reach the camp at the foot of the mountain, they find that the Adventurer's Guild is hosting a training camp in Dragonspine and Cyrus decides to strongarm the Traveler into becoming an instructor.

The Traveler finds that Amber has also become an instructor and she dragged Eula along for the ride. The three decide to keep Joel, a kid whose father went missing in Dragonspine for almost a year, company and build a snowman in Joel's father's absence. Amber and Joel went deeper into Dragonspine to look for a good place to build the base while Eula is being made to mentor Gerard by the Traveler, who pursues Amber into the mountain. While looking for Amber, the Traveler hears an ominous noise and runs to investigate, running into Albedo who is looking for painting materials. The Traveler notices that Albedo is back to normal compared to before, and after explaining their situation Albedo gets a handle on everything. Paimon expresses an interest in painting, so Albedo invites the two back to his camp to retrieve materials for the paint. When the 3 reach Albedo's base, they find it vandalized with several of Albedo's research notes missing. Seeing that the thief left their prints in the snow, the group pursued it to a cave where Albedo goes in alone to cut the thief off from the exit while the Traveler and Paimon stay watch. Bored, Paimon and the Traveler decide to go mining for Starsilver near the cave when they see Albedo leave, unable to catch the thief. The Traveler ends up being suspicious of Albedo once again, noticing that something is off. The two give Albedo the Starsilver when they hear a voice coming for help. The Traveler and Paimon reach the source and find Bennett trapped in a Fatui cage, freeing the hapless adventurer after kicking the Fatui to the curb.


Wishful Drops

Focus Character: Endora
Release Date: 04/09/2021

The Traveler and Paimon report to the Adventurer's Guild in Mondstadt and learn from Katheryne that the water at the border of Mondstadt and Liyue has mysteriously become strongly bitter, threatening the business of Mondstadt's wine industry. Katheryne sends the two to the Dawn Winery to talk with one of their employees, Connor.

In speaking with Connor, it is learned that the waters near Dragonspine Mountain and Springvale were unaffected, and the duo are told to check the waters in the north as well as in Liyue's Qingce Village and Bishui River, speculating that the source of the problem must be in the neighboring kingdom.

On the way, the Traveler and Paimon discover that Hydro Slimes have been acting strangely and find a strange being riding one. In a weakened state from her journey, she gives her name as Endora and asks for fresh water. The duo take her to the pond in Springvale, where she further explains that she is a lochfolk — a species of spring fairies that the citizens of Springvale including the Old Finch have told as local tale — and has been looking for another member of her people, Rhodeia. Unlike normal lochfolk, who stay in each other's company, love people, and make water sweet, Rhodeia is a loner, does not like people, and is behind the recent bitterness of the water.

Wanting to understand Rhodeia's actions and behavior, Endora explains that the dangerous creatures made of water seem recently throughout Liyue, the Oceanid Creatures, are Rhodeia's scouts. If Endora joins with them, she can learn a little more about Rhodeia from each one. Before setting off on her quest with the Traveler and Paimon, she asks Old Finch if he would like her to bring a message to Rhodeia once she finds her. After catching enough Oceanid Creatures, Endora understands Old Finch's poetic message after having not initially.