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Recap / Genshin Impact

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Teyvat Chapter

    Prologue - Mondstadt: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind 
"The dragon who defended Mondstadt for a millennium finally faces his perturbation. What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by a god?"

     I - Liyue: Farewell, Archaic Lord 

     II - Inazuma: Omnipresence Over Mortals 

     III - Sumeru: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana 
"The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself, and the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance. In the city of scholars there is a push for folly, yet the God of Wisdom makes no argument against it."

     IV - Fontaine: Masquerade of the Guilty 
"The God of Justice lives for the spectacle of the courtroom, seeking to judge all other gods. But even she knows not to make an enemy of the divine."

     V - Natlan: Incandescent Ode of Resurrection 

     VI - Snezhnaya: Everwinter Without Mercy 
"She is a god with no love left for her people, nor do they have any left for her. Her followers only hope to be on her side when the day of her rebellion against the divine comes at last."

     ? - Khaenri'ah: The Dream Yet to Be Dreamed 

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