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Being Reference Overdosed, Honkai Impact 3rd has a plethora of pop culture references to various anime and video games.

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  • Kiana's White Comet and Divine Prayer battlesuits have a few of Bayonetta's attacks and techniques, including the Wicked Weaves and Witch Time. Meanwhile, Mei's "long blade extensions" are a homage to Shuraba (Bayonetta's katana)'s unique "Wicked Blades".
  • A good number of Sakura's techniques are lifted from Devil May Cry, mainly Vergil's.
  • The game features a number of nods to Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • The most immediately obvious is in the game's English title—Honkai' Impact 3rd, referencing Third Impactnote 
    • The Future Spandex look of the MECH-type battlesuits, especially Kiana's White Comet, is visually evocative of the Eva pilots' plug suits.
    • The Honkai beasts' color scheme is reminiscent of the look of the Mass-Produced Evas from The End of Evangelion.
  • The ultimates of Kiana and Bronya's Herrscher forms are reminiscent of two certain "Archers"
    • Herrscher of the Void summons a bunch of portals and rains down a barrage of energy, not unlike the Gate of Babylon.
    • Herrscher of Reason transforms Project Bunny into her bike form before creating a bunch of floating laser cannons in a similar manner to Unlimited Blade Works.



  • "Achieve a X-Hit Combo" achievements are named after super moves of anime franchises:
    • "Oh, Let's Break it Down!" is Lucio's battlecry whenever he uses his Ultimate in Overwatch.
    • "Consecutive Normal Punches" is a named special attack of Saitama from One-Punch Man.
    • "100-Type Guanyin" by Isaac Netero of Hunter × Hunter.
    • "Starburst Stream" is Kirito's unique Dual Blades ability from Sword Art Online.
    • "Flash of the Heavenly Soaring Dragon" is the ultimate secret technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū (Flying Heavenly Sword Style) from Rurouni Kenshin.
    • "Scatter! Senbonzakura!" is the Invocation said by Byakuya to activate Senbonzakura's Shikai from Bleach.
  • The "Complete X Missions" are references to the Dark Souls franchise.note 
  • Each of the "Increase X character's Affection to 3 hearts" achievements are named after My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU anime episodes.note 
  • "Collect X weapons" are references to the Fate Series.note 
  • "Collect X Stigma" are also references to Pokémonnote  and other anime series:
    • "Knight of The Twin Moons" from The Familiar of Zero.
    • "Come Forth, Shenlong!" from Dragon Ball.
    • "Aionion Hetairoi" and "Aestus Domus Aurea" from Fate.
    • "Santoryu Three Thousand Worlds" from One Piece.
  • From the "Reach Captain Level" achievements, there is "My Conquest is the Sea of Stars" and "To Denounce the Power of Justice and Love", a reference to the "To denounce the power of truth and love" catchphrase of Team Rocket from the Pokemon anime.
  • "Clear Samsaras of Sakura Samsara" achievements have references to Steins;Gate and its anime adaptation.note 
  • "Collect X Characters" achievements has "Rokka no Yuusha".
  • "Receive X Friendship Points" achievements has "Friends, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Lite".

  • Anniversary Memories Festival
  • Winter Rhapsody
    • In the event, there is a nod of how players joke about Fu Hua's Rapidfire Fisticuffs.
    • When the captain wakes up in the game world, the first thing he sees is Bronya sitting in front of a bonfire that has the Cleaver of Shamash stuck in the middle of it, mimicking the bonfire save points of Dark Souls
  • Honkai Kingdoms
  • Seele's Summer Suite Event
  • In the "Odd Drifter" event's second half, in the Pavilion, Nuwa gives a remark regarding the nameless dead guy that he may have been reincarnated as a slime.
  • St. Freya Fiesta:
    • The start of the event has the Captain bumping into Theresa and remarking on her outfit
      Captain: Ahem, Theresa... Why are you looking like the evil principal from Matilda?
    • When you go into the lobby to share Red Envelopes and open chests, the "Dance" interaction command makes your chibi do the Macarena; Dawei also does the dance from time to time.
  • In the 2019 Thanksgiving event, when the girls are scolding the Captain for falling asleep and delaying the Thanksgiving meal, Kiana says "Hmph! So that's what happened! As punishment, all your fried chicky is belongs to me!"



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