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Recap / Dragon Rage L 1 Bonelands

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This is no Dream Cael.

The tutorial level of the game Dragon Rage. The entire tutorial takes place in the Bonelands, in a ancient dragon proving grounds in some sort of vision. In the tutorial the player gets to learn how to use Cael's Dragon Breath Weapon, Dragon Powers and how to his Elemental Enchantments affect them. Players also get to learn how to use his Dragon Fury Attacksnote  and how to restore Cael's Mana. It's interesting to note that this level actually takes place before the game's introductionary Cutscenenote .


This game provides examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: The entire level is some sort of vision Cael is having.
  • Breath Weapon: As to be expected in the games tutorial players are taught how to use Cael's various Breath Weapons.
  • Dream Land: This is where the tutorial ultimately takes place.
  • Elephant Graveyard: The entire Bonelands are this for dragons.
  • Food Chain of Evil: The tutorial teaches players that you can help restore your mana by eating orcs.
  • Homing Boulders: Most of Cael's Breath Weapons are revealed to be this, with the exception of the Earth Enchantment Breath Weapon.
  • Mana: In the tutorial you learn how Cael's mana works.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: Unlike in future levels the orcs of the tutorial are revealed to not even be real and are in fact just magical constructs.


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