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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 43 Drop The World

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I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes
Hate in my heart, love in my mind
I seen nights full of pain, days of the same
You keep the sunshine, save me the rain
I search but never find, hurt but never cry
I work and forever try, but I'm cursed so never mind

A Plot

Eli rushes to bookstore and buys every copy of the Gothic Tales magazine. He has amazing news for her girlfriend Clare: they picked his story, Stalker/Angel! And also he gave Clare co-writer credit. Clare says she doesn't deserve it but he says that the story would be nothing without her input. He says they're a team and he wants to write a novel together. Alli walks by and Clare reminds her that they have to plan their dresses for the upcoming dance. Eli dismissively asks why would Clare go to such an bland event? Clare says dances are fun and if he isn't interested, then not to come.

In school, Eli pulls Adam aside to talk about Clare. He tried joking around and got the cold shoulder. This has been happening for awhile and he's starting to panic. Adam tells him he's being paranoid but Eli wants to fix this soon. Adam tells him not the try anything consider his past plans he's had. Eli wants to do something just for the both of them, and Adam stresses he needs to relax. Eli talks to Ms. Dawes later, who's gushing about his story. But she wants to know if there's anything he needs to talk about. Eli doesn't know what she means and Ms. Dawes runs the down the theme of eternal love and murdering his lover and she thinks it may be a cry for help. Eli tells her that it's just a story but Ms. Dawes says that writers tend to put their feelings in their work. Eli tells her she's overreacting and he's cool. Ms. Dawes drops the subject and brings up the upcoming Gothic Fiction convention in Bloomington. Suddenly Eli has an idea...


After, Eli and his father arrive at Clare's house. Clare isn't home, but her mother is. Eli has a proposition for her: He wants Clare to go to the convention with him and his parents. Mrs. Edwards doesn't think it's a good idea, but Eli pleads that Clare is his best friend. Mrs. Edwards asks for more details on the trip and Bullfrog assures Mrs. Edwards they will always be in his sight. Mrs. Edwards says yes, but says it's up to Clare. Later, at their secret place, Eli and Clare are hanging out on his hearse talking and a Top 40 type pop song comes on the radio. Clare exclaims that she loves that song and she begins to dance to it. Eli can't believe she likes it, and Clare says it's a happy song. But that doesn't matter, Eli has a surprise for her: the convention and how he asked her mom about it. Clare is stunned that he went to her mother behind her back and at the invite. She reluctantly says she'll go and Eli notices her lack of enthusiasm.


The next day. Eli, Adam and Bullfrog go hunting but all Eli can focus on is Clare. Adam tells that he should probably give her a break. Meanwhile, Alli and Clare are reading his story in Gothic Tales. Alli says that the story is messed up and isn't about Clare anyway? Clare persists that he's a good guy and he's just messed up because Julia died last year...wait...a year ago. Before spring break. Now Clare has insight to Eli's clinginess.

Eli catches up with Clare after school on their bench. Eli is all smiles but Clare is reserved. Clare mentions that things have been tense between them, and she knows he's afraid of losing her because that's what happened to Julia. Eli says he's over Julia and Clare asks about the planning of the trip on the anniversary of death. Eli claims it's a coincidence but Clare thinks it's about her since everything else has been. Eli says everything is about Clare. Clare thinks that they need to take a small break, but Eli disagrees. He wants time with just the two of them but Clare feels suffocated. She walks off, leaving Eli on the bench.


At the secret place, Eli is furious and has Julia's picture with him. He sets it up on the wall and screams at it. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" he screams. But it's okay, she won't bother him and Clare again. He takes his rifle, levels it at the portrait, and fires.

B Plot

Holly J and Sav are playing Boggle before school. Sav's making friendly conversation, but Holly J is distracted. Even their boggle words say a lot about how they feel toward each other. Sav invites her to a make-out session before class, but Holly J says she doesn't feel to good. Later in class, Anya and Fiona come up to her and see Holly J making a "Sav Pros and Cons" list. They tease her for a bit and read the pros: sweet, smart, supportive, funny-ish, and big-hearted. There's only one con: Not feeling it. Fiona asks if it's the L word, to which Holly J asks "Lesbian?" Anya is puzzled and Fiona reveals she's gay and came out recently. Anya's like "Oh." She then asks Holly J if she loves Sav to which Holly J says that he's a really good guy, does that con outweigh the pros? Ever since she got sick she's been distant. There's no reason for them to break up, but Anya mentions that no reason to leave is never a good reason to stay.

Sav and Holly J meet up later at The Dot. Holly J asks why he likes her. What did he think about while she was in the hospital? Sav is taken aback and he thought about how short life is and how sad he would be if he lost her. Holly J sighs and says that's good to know. The next day, Holly J and Anya talk about Holly J's failure to break up with Sav. Anya says it's pretty easy, she's done it about six times. She tells her about his parents and impending arranged marriage and how he won't stand up for her. Holly J doesn't want to go that route but she needs to tell him the truth.

Outside Degrassi Holly J meets up with Sav wanting to talk. Sav asks her to the Spring Fling, but then Sav's mom comes pulling up. Sav drops off his application with her, and introduces his mom to Holly J as his friend. Holly J then tells Mrs. Bhandari that she is his girlfriend. Sav is stunned and tries to play it off but Mrs. Bhanari wants to have words with Sav. After the incident with Sav's mom at The Dot, Holly J feels like a heel but Anya reassures her that she did the right thing. Fiona remarks she did the right thing the wrong way and just then Sav comes walking in. Fiona and Anya make a beeline across the room as Sav sits with Holly J. Sav tells her his parents' reaction: they love her. They call her "Yale-girl." They want him to date her. Holly J is stunned and finally tells Sav she hasn't been honest with him. She wants to break up with him. There's nothing wrong with him, but there's nothing there anymore and she reminds him of their promise at the beginning. Sav is hurt and angry. Fiona and Anya watch from across the room and Anya catches Fiona staring at her lovingly. Anya asks if she's in love with Holly J and Fiona at first denies it. Anya tells her that she knows what the feeling is like, and that she's there if she needs an ear. Fiona tells Anya to promise not to tell.

C Plot

At KC's apartment, Jenna and Alli are cleaning up after Jenna's baby shower and Alli asks her why isn't KC helping. Jenna says that he said baby showers are for girls and that she sent him off to play basketball. But it's okay, KC has been stepping up, and he even built a crib for the baby. Alli notices the crib still in the box, and Jenna is mad. KC said he would build it before basketball, but then she feels the baby kicking. The baby is coming soon, and Alli tells Jenna she needs some help.

At the Degrassi basketball court KC, Dave and others are playing basketball and Jenna comes storming up about KC not finishing the crib. KC said that she told him to go celebrate acing his exams, but Jenna told him to play because she thought the nursery was ready. KC says that he'll eventually build the crib but Jenna screams if he's doing anything to prepare for the baby. KC finally screams back at her: YOU. TOLD. ME. TO PLAY BASKETBALL!!! He then turns his attention back to the game and away from Jenna.

The next day at school, Jenna extends an olive branch and breakfast sandwich and KC says he'll accept her apology after he builds the crib and other things. Jenna says she acted like a Momzilla and KC says that he hasn't been adjusting to the reality of the teenage fatherdom very well and doing his part. But he gets it now. He kisses Jenna's forehead before going to class. Alli comes up and walks with Jenna to class. Jenna says that KC's been out of group homes his entire life and is now losing the rest of this childhood. Alli tells her that she's losing hers too. Jenna is sad, but when she sees Dave and asks for him to plan a "baby shower" for KC and make it the best night of his life. He would just need to be at the dance for the last song. Dave takes her offer and promises to make it a night he won't forget.


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