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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 44 Drop The World

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I know what they don't wanna tell you
Just hope you're heaven sent, and you're hell proof
I walk up in the world and cut the lights off
And confidence is the stain they can't wipe off
Uhhh, my word is my pride
But wisdom is bleak and that's a word from the wise
Serve to survive, murdered and bribed
And when it got too heavy I put my burdens aside

At school, Eli comes driving up in Morty and sees Clare. Eli calls out to her and Clare sees him and starts to walk faster. Eli catches up to her and apologizes for his intensity and talking to her mom, but he says none of this has anything to do with Julia. Clare tells him that everything is about Julia and she doesn't like how unpredictable he's been. She fell for the guy who told her she had pretty eyes, not this Eli. The bell rings, and they wrap up their conversation. Eli promises to give her space and goes to Morty to get his backpack. He opens the trunk and Clare sees the gun Eli has stashed in the back. She's shocked and then hugs Eli and asks her to walk her to her locker.


Fiona and Anya are clowning around making decorations for the Spring dance. Anya teases Fiona about her love for Holly J and Fiona bluntly tells her to forget it. Fiona says that she's slowly getting over it and doesn't want Anya to tell Holly J anything. Just then Holly J comes in, and the girls switch over the conversation to Holly J's single-dom. Holly J asks them both to go to the semi-formal as her "dates" and both agree to it. Anya still jokes about Fiona's Incompatible Orientation love behind Holly J's back.

In writing class, Adam notices Eli and Clare aren't sitting next to each other and he asks what's up. Eli says he's giving her space, and just then Eli is called to the principal's office. Outside, Bullfrog is there and he's angry. He pissed that Eli took a gun out the house and Eli tells him that he was dealing with Julia stuff and he shot her picture. Bullfrog is aghast and Eli tells him he was just blowing off steam in his own Eli-type way. Bullfrog says that guns aren't a way to deal with it and then bans him from going to the writing convention and takes Morty's keys. He tells Eli he's lucky Clare called him and not the school about the gun. Eli is stunned that Clare called him and Bullfrog tells him that eventually everything will work itself out.


In the school hallways, Holly J and Anya are setting up the decorations and Holly J asks Anya about Fiona. She's been acting weird lately. Anya plays dumb and then Holly J makes post-dance plans including a sleepover at Fiona's. Anya doesn't think it's a good idea to crowd the apartment and Holly J says that it's no problem and she'll even share a bed with Fiona. Anya tells Holly J she has gay friends (and acknowledges Holly J is her only straight friend) and she bluntly tells Holly J that Fiona is in love with her. She tells Holly J not to lead her on. Holly J blinks, and then recalls the kiss at the trial among other things. Anya tells her not to tell Fiona that she told her and Holly J promises and says she'll try to not make things awkward for Fiona at the dance.

In the cafe, Eli approaches Clare about the gun. He asks her just what did she think he was going to do with it? She says she didn't know what he was going to do, which is why she called Bullfrog. He goes hunting with Bullfrog all the time and just forgot to unload Morty. He tells her to talk to him before tattling and that he's sorry he scared her. He asks what she's doing later and Clare tells him she's going to the dance and Eli says he's going to skip the dance and go to the convention. He knows she wants her space, but it would mean so much if she came. She doesn't have to decide now, but if she does then come to "their bench" at 9.


Dave, Drew, Bianca and friends surprise KC at his apartment with his one last night of fun. KC is surprised but he says that he needs to finish building the crib and make things right for Jenna. Dave tells him the party was her idea and she's cool with it as long as he makes it to the final dance. KC hesitates but the thought of partying is overwhelming and he agrees.

At Fiona's apartment, the girls are getting ready for the dance. Holly J asks Anya to zip her up. Fiona offers to, but Holly J says that she's busy. Holly J then gets a text from mom and tells Fiona she can't make it to the sleepover, she needs to help her mother with...something. Fiona is a little disappointed, but then heads off to shower. Anya tells Holly J that she's doing a bad job of not being awkward and Holly J tells her she's trying not to lead her on. Holly J realizes that Fiona doesn't know any other lesbians, and she's just her default love. She asks Anya just what type of girl Fiona would be into...

Elsewhere, Eli sneaks out of his house with a suitcase and a screwdriver. He turns the ignition of the hearse with the screwdriver and heads off to his and Clare's bench.

At the dance, all the students are having a great time as the strict rules have been thrown out for the night. Fiona, Anya, and Holly J walk in together and they're bopping around and Holly J points out Nivea, the treasurer of the LGBT committee. Holly J wants her to come over and meet, but Fiona isn't too thrilled. Holly J calls Nivea over anyway and introduces her to Fiona. Nivea's into Fiona but Fiona is hesitant but Holly J practically pushes them together and tells them to go dance. Nivea drags Fiona away, and Anya gives Holly J a look. Holly J realizes she needs to tell Fiona the truth.

At KC's party, it seems like the party is a bust. Drew and KC are playing Dynasty Warriors (somewhat accurately) while others are sitting around. Dave moves on to giving KC a gift from him and Drew: a pair of handcuffs. KC is not amused, and Bianca comes back with the game of Twister. KC gets an idea...he handcuffs himself to Bianca to play tandem Twister to Dave's horror. Those cuffs are from his dad, they were meant to be a joke...he doesn't have the keys.

Back at the dance, Fiona comes storming back to Holly J and Anya. She's pissed how Holly J ditched her and wanted to spend the dance with her friends and not a stranger. Holly J says that she thought Fiona needed to meet someone nice and new. Fiona picks up on the "new" part of her sentence and Holly J reveals that she knows Fiona is in love with her. Anya picks that moment to walk away. Fiona is mad that Anya told her, and even angrier Holly J used the same indirect breaking-up technique she did with Sav. Holly J says she didn't want to send her the wrong message and Fiona says the only message she got is that she lost her best friend. She walks away, irritated.

Clare and Alli meet up at the dance and exchange friend hugs. Clare reveals that she's standing Eli up, and feels bad. Alli tells her not to be like that, Eli is just manipulating her. Clare says that she promised to always be there for him. Alli argues that it isn't that serious, but Clare retorts that Eli is scared of losing her and she's afraid of what he would do if she left him. Alli says that Eli is killing the sweet rational Clare — like he did in Stalker/Angel. Clare realizes she really does need some space and needs to tell Eli that.

Jenna is walking with Chantay, still waiting for KC. She's a little peeved he's late, but then her water breaks on the dance floor. The baby is coming now. Back at KC's apartment, KC is trying to desperately to get the handcuffs off. Dave answers the phone and it's Chantay: Jenna's water broke. KC realizes the baby is coming and the party is over. He (along with a reluctant Bianca), Drew and Dave make their way to the hospital.

At the bench, Eli is waiting for Clare. As the minutes pass, he paces around and he realizes Clare stood him up. He gets into Morty and takes off and calls Clare and confronts her. Clare admits she stood him up and Eli says that she ripped his heart out. She promised she would be there and never leave him. Clare says she knows that, and she thinks they need to let go. Eli laughs mirthlessly, and says that this is what she wanted all along: him and her with the hearse. Clare says that's not what she wants anymore, and she hates the hearse. Eli says that he'll get rid of the hearse for her, but Clare tells him he loves that car. Eli said he loves her and he knows she loves him. Clare tells him that they need to break up, they aren't meant for each other. Eli simply says that they are. He just needs to get rid of Morty first. He puts his phone down and slams his foot on the gas pedal. Clare yells for Eli to answer her but all she hears is a crashing noise. She stands on the school steps, paralyzed.

Fiona is chilling by herself at the dance. Holly J comes up to her and sits down besides her. She never meant to drop Fiona as a friend, or hurt her. Fiona says that she knows it'll never work between her and Holly J romantically. She tells her to stop treating her so gently and to get over herself. Holly J that's done, and extends her pinky to Fiona for a dance. She promises nothing will change between them. Fiona smiles and hooks pinkies and says that she'll get over Holly J...she's not THAT awesome. They both go off to the dance floor.

In the emergency room, Clare comes rushing in looking for Eli. Bullfrog is there, and he points Clare to Eli's hospital room. Clare enters Eli's room and sees Eli pretty banged up with a broken leg, but otherwise fine. Eli says that he saved their story from the wreckage. He tells her he crashed Morty for her. Clare tells him he could've died and Eli said it was worth it — she came. Clare is aghast. She takes a deep breath and starts crying. She accuses Eli of manipulating her. Eli says he wasn't, he totaled Morty for her but Clare tells him that he scares her. She runs for the door, but Eli grabs her hand pleading for her not to leave. Clare says she can't stay and flees the room. Elsewhere in the ER, Jenna is being wheeled in on a stretcher holding her newly born baby boy. KC (with Bianca still attached) comes in all worried but Jenna tells him she's glad he made it. Dave takes a picture of the new family.

Clare walks back to the dance, walking barefoot and joins Alli on the school steps. Alli asks if she's okay and Clare says she's cool. She just wants to go in and dance and have fun. Alli says for the both of them to have fun. They both smile and walk from the steps to the building and close out the season walking on the steps to the building...just like how the started off the half-season.


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