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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 12 Try Honesty

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Insane assault, so sly
Your well of lies ran dry
I pulled the cord, free fall
So high I seem so small

A Plot

Declan and Holly J talk at The Dot and he explains the reason why he was hesitant to let Holly J go to New York — he wanted to surprise her and spend more time with her. He listens to Holly J's message and they have a good laugh about it. They bond and hug and look forwards to being together at Yale. Holly J tells Declan about her family's debt and Declan offers to help her out with "fun money." Holly J is ecstatic with the financial security. Declan even buys her a diamond necklace, which he has delivered to her house. Holly J's mom is suspicious and tries to give Holly J some perspective on the situation and Holly J lashes back, claiming it's her parents' fault for their financial issues. Holly J's mom is taken aback and leaves her with some advice - nothing comes for free.

The next day, Holly J is showing off her necklace to Fiona and Chantay. Chantay rolls her eyes and teases Holly J about having a Sugar Daddy and being a gold-digger. Declan comes by later, and invites her come with him on the road trip to Yale. Holly J's cites her busy schedule and Declan is willing to pay for her time. Holly J tells him no again, and Declan leaves in a huff. Holly J thinks about their conversation, especially when she's in class discussing financial aid. On the taxi drive to the airport, she gives back the necklace to Declan. She tells him that she can't take his money, it makes her feel gross. Declan argues back that he's just trying to spend time with her. Holly J accuses him of just trying to make her part of his dreams, instead of it being an partnership. She wants to go on a break, to which Declan reluctantly agrees to.


At Little Miss Stakes, the manager gives her a second chance at the job. On her first shift, she runs into Fiona who is proud of her for standing up for herself. She reports Declan is in tears, but Fiona won't stop being her friend. Holly J is happy, now that she's making her own way in the world.

B Plot

Eli gives Fitz the fake I.D. the next at school, step one in his plan. Clare thinks Eli made peace, but Eli tells her he has a surprise for him. Later that day, outside a convenience store, Eli calls 911 and warns them of a fight that's happening. As Fitz comes out with his smokes, Eli starts a fist fight with him. They fight until the police arrive, and put them again the wall and and run their I.D.s. As planned, the police run Fitz's I.D. and see that he is a arsonist on the run. Eli leers at Fitz as he's driven off. Clare hears of Eli's plot and she's disappointed. But Eli is happy his plan has worked. Fitz arrives back at school, busted on fake I.D. possession. And he's not even close to ending his war with Eli.

C Plot

Dave is jazzed about the band and their song, but Wesley and Connor hesitate to tell him he sucks as a singer. They get the idea to use Auto-Tune on Dave's vocals, and Sav helps them record. When it's time to play back the song, Dave hears his cleaned up vocals and is insulted, especially when they didn't tell him the truth of his bad singing. Dave is sulking and Sav gives him a pep talk on how much his friends care for him and they were just trying to cheer him up. Dave comes around and even plays their song over the loudspeaker of The Dot. The Three Ten-nors are reunited and even get compliments from girls on the song.

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