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Recap / Cougar Town S 4 E 13 The Criminal Kind

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"The Criminal Kind" is the thirteenth episode of Cougar Town's fourth season.

After watching The Breakfast Club, Jules learns that each of her friends have done bad things in their past, and becomes intent on proving she's not the only "goody two-shoes" in the group. She, Laurie, and Bobby go to the store so Jules can steal something. After backing out of stealing some lip balm, she and Laurie leave the store, but the manager stops them and takes a hairdryer from her back, which Laurie stole. After locking them in grocery store jail, they're joined by Bobby, who had been eating food off the shelves.


Ellie messes with Grayson by writing anonymous mean reviews about his bar, leading him to realize he's a dick to his customers, so she and Tom try to teach him how to fake being nice without a judgmental look on his face. After failing, he decides to embrace his judgmental attitude, but it gets him and Ellie thrown in the same grocery store jail that Jules, Laurie, and Bobby are in for eating a grape off the shelves.

Meanwhile, Travis, who's been playing the field to dull his feelings for Laurie, is starting to suffer from a case of impotence, and due to Andy's abilities to sympathize with whatever another person is feeling, he gets it too, and tries to help Travis solve his issue to solve his own.


This episode contains examples of: