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Recap / Bobs Burger S 7 E 10 Theres No Business Like Mr Business

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Bob helps Gayle train her cat, Mr. Business, for a chance to make him the new face of Chef Cat cat food, so Gayle will be a little more financially independent (and stop borrowing money from the Belchers). Meanwhile, Tina and Gene discover a secret fondness for eating dry cat food.

  • Cool Pet: Ian's dog Snoodles, who has been trained to open and close doors, turn off TVs and even endorse checks.
  • Eating Pet Food: Tina finds a box of cat food in the kitchen, tastes it and is instantly hooked on it. Gene catches her eating it and has a taste and soon the two of them are scarfing it down. It then turns out that Linda was also eating cat food (the box Tina found was her secret stash). Eventually, Louise and even Bob try it as well.
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  • Do Wrong, Right: Gayle is disgusted that the family is eating cat food out of the box. She tells them to heat it with some oatmeal like she does.
  • Formally Named Pet: Mr. Business.
  • G-Rated Drug: Gene and Tina get hooked on eating cat food, and there are even comparisons to actual drug abuse.
  • Large Ham: John Oliver as Ian, especially when he's attacked by Mr. Business.
  • A Lesson Learned Too Well: After Bob successfully teaches Mr. Business to push over a box of cat food for the commercial, Mr. Business keeps pushing over things in Gayle's apartment, much to her frustration.
    • Ian mentions earlier in the episode that pets who are trained for commercials are abandoned by their owners because the behavior drives them crazy. He mentions this in reference to a parrot he has that says "Polly wants a good deal on a quality mattress."

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