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Recap / Bobs Burger S 5 E 19 Housetrap

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The Belchers are asked to house-sit a vacation home but get caught in a storm. They meet Helen, the widow of the house's owner, whom Linda and Louise suspect of murdering her husband.


  • Alone with the Psycho: Linda and Louise when Helen whom they think is a murderer visits the house.
    • Later, Linda when Helen wants to be alone with her, when she learns Linda thinks she pushed her husband.
  • Black Widow: What Linda and Louise think Helen is, accusing her of stealing her husband's clock fortune. It doesn't help that towards the end, she gravitates toward Teddy.
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  • Cassandra Truth: Implied. The episode ends with a strong hint that Helen did kill her husband, either by sabotaging the widow's walk or pushing him off herself.
  • Closed Circle: What the house becomes when Bob's back injury coupled with a storm traps everyone inside.
  • Gilligan Cut: The family discovers the back door is open. Bob says they won't touch anything and the next cut has them playing with various items in the house.
  • Match Cut: When Linda asks Bob to roleplay what she thinks is the murder scene, the setting changes to them as Helen and her husband on the widow's walk.
  • Mood-Swinger: Helen goes from admitting to caring for her husband to hating being married to him when she tries to convince Linda she didn't kill him.
  • No Sympathy: Linda calls Bob a baby when she pushed him and injured his back and cares more about the possibility of Helen being a killer than her husband's well being. Helen even shows concern when Bob expresses pain and Linda dismisses it as him "faking it" to get away despite him stating otherwise. Helen even offers Bob painkillers but Linda says he doesn't want any while Bob thanks Helen for them, and later tries to keep Bob from swallowing by throwing one away.

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