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Recap / Blaze and the Monster Machines

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Recap page for Blaze and the Monster Machines.

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     Season 1 
  1. "Blaze of Glory": Blaze and AJ are introduced to the world of Monster Machine racing and work to reunite their new Monster Machine friends in time for the championship race.
  2. "The Driving Force": Starla loses a piston and Blaze has to find it before Crusher does.
  3. "Tool Duel": When Crusher steals Gabby's toolbox, Blaze has to get it back so she can fix Blaze's friends.
  4. "The Bouncy Tires": Zeg tries on a pair of tires that make him bounce all over the place, and Blaze and AJ have to stop the bouncing.
  5. "Epic Sail"note : Crusher accidentally strands his and Blaze's sailboats on an island and Blaze has to find the parts to repair their boat.
  6. "Stuntmania!"note : Blaze and AJ have to rescue Darington and bring him back in time to ride a big super track after Crusher sends him there.
  7. "The Jungle Horn"note : Crusher steals Stripes' jungle horn and he and Blaze have to get it back.
  8. "The Team Truck Challenge"note : When Pickle is upset after Crusher chooses someone other than him for the Team Truck Challenge, he teams up with Blaze.
  9. "Cake-tastrophe!"note : Crusher accidentally causes Clive the baker's baker bots to go haywire and Blaze has to turn them off before they make Axle City a big mess.
  10. "Truckball Team-Up"note : Blaze has to gather up three of his friends to make a team so he can compete in the Truckball tournament against Crusher.
  11. "The Mystery Bandit": A mysterious bandit steals Blaze's trophy, and he and AJ have to track down the thief.
  12. "Gasquatch!"note : Blaze and AJ meet a friendly forest creature who loves mud and help bring him to the Mud Fest event.
  13. "Truck Rangers"note : Blaze joins a scouting club and tries to earn three special badges.
  14. "Trouble at the Truck Wash"note : Blaze and AJ have to find the three parts to fix the truck wash and get clean after Crusher accidentally destroys it.
  15. "Zeg and the Egg"note : Blaze and Zeg find a lost dinosaur egg and work together to return it to its nest.
  16. "Runaway Rocket"note : When Crusher tries to cheat at a carnival game, he strands himself and Pickle on a rocket and Blaze and AJ have to save him.
  17. "Cattle Drive"note : Blaze and Starla find a family of cows and lead them on a quest to bring them to her barn.
  18. "Dragon Island Duel"note : Crusher separates Blaze from AJ and traps him in a cave before the Dragon Island Duel, and AJ has to save him.
  19. "Sneezing Cold": When the Monster Machines come down with a case of the "Sneezles", Blaze, AJ and Gabby have to get back to Axle City so they can deliver some medicine oil which will cure them.

     Season 2 
  1. "Fired Up!"note : Blaze tries to become a firefighter by helping out in emergencies.
  2. "Dino Dash"note : Blaze and AJ use some inspiration and designing from dinosaur trucks to rescue Zeg from a mudpit.
  3. "Truck or Treat!": On Halloween, Crusher accidentally sends the candy of Blaze and his friends far away, and they have to retrieve it before Crusher gets it first.
  4. "Race to the Top of the World"note : Blaze and his friends must make their way back to an epic race after Crusher throws them off course, while racing around the world and not giving up.
  5. "Monster Machine Christmas"note : On Christmas Eve, Blaze and Crusher have to find the missing presents after Crusher accidentally sends them far away.
  6. "Knight Riders": Blaze and Crusher become knights and participate in a royal race with knight trucks.
  7. "Darington to the Moon!"note : Blaze and Darington have to charge the battery for Darington's rocket so he can fly to the moon.
  8. "Piggy 500"note : Starla can't wait to race with her pig, Zippy, in a race, but when Crusher and his pig, Slop, send Zippy far away, she and Blaze have to save him.
  9. "Spark Bug": Blaze and Stripes find a lost fire beetle and help return him to his family on a volcano.
  10. "Five Alarm Blaze": Blaze gets a call from the Fire Chief about a fire on an old bridge, and he and AJ hurry to save the day.
  11. "Axle City Grand Prix": Crusher steals Gabby's super remote control that can control anything and uses it to stop Blaze from winning the Axle City Grand Prix.
  12. "Treasure Track": Blaze, AJ and Gabby join Pegwheel the pirate truck on an adventure to find buried treasure.
  13. "Rocket Ski Rescue": When Crusher attempts to cheat in a race with rocket skis, they malfunction and Blaze teams up with his Grammy to save him.
  14. "Dinosaur Parade": Blaze and Zeg have to find missing dinosaurs for a parade after Crusher accidentally scatters them.
  15. "Race Car Superstar"note : Blaze and AJ visit VelocityVille, where Blaze turns into a race car and tries to stop a snooty car, Speedrick, after he traps all the other cars.
  16. "Race to Eagle Rock"note : Blaze and his friends participate in a race to Eagle Rock, but Crusher constantly diverts them off-course.
  17. "Sky Track"note : When Swoops loses his rotor, Blaze and AJ embark on an adventure in the sky on a special Sky Track to retrieve it.
  18. "The Wishing Wheel"note : Blaze and Stripes discover an ancient racetrack and embark on a quest to find a magical Wishing Wheel which will grant them one special wish.
  19. "Pickle Power"note : When Crusher's attempt to clean up with his Auto-Vac goes haywhere and sucks up everything including himself, Blaze and Pickle join forces to stop Auto-Vac and free Crusher.

     Season 3 
  1. "Dinocoaster"note : Zeg loses his ticket to ride the new Dinocoaster at the carnival and Blaze helps him retrieve it.
  2. "The Hundred Mile Race"note : Blaze participates with his race car friends in a really long race, but Crusher is also competing and will do anything to win.
  3. "The Polar Derby"note : Blaze and his friends participate in an arctic race where the winner gets a special ice trophy.
  4. "Light Riders"note : Blaze is decked out with new speed lights so he can track down a Light Thief who steals all the lights from Axle City.
  5. "Catch That Cake!"note : It's Darington's birthday, and when Crusher sends Darington's cake flying, Blaze and AJ have to catch it before Crusher does.
  6. "The Bouncing Bull Racetrack"note : Blaze and Starla find a map to a legendary racetrack and set out on an adventure to find it and take the ride of their lives.
  7. "Mega Mud Robot"note : Gasquatch loses his coins to buy a special toy robot, and Blaze has to help him find them before the store closes.
  8. "Knighty Knights"note : Blaze and AJ have to retrieve a Royal Charging Station from a thieving dragon before his knight friends run out of energy and fall asleep.
  9. "Animal Island"note : Blaze and Stripes discover Animal Island, an island inhabited by talking animals, but a greedy chameleon steals their animal powers and they have to get them back.
  10. "Toucan Do It!"note : Blaze, Starla and Darington have to save their friend Tooks the Toucan after she gets trapped under a rock.
  11. "Falcon Quest"note : Blaze transforms into a falcon and embarks on an adventure to a sky-high race.
  12. "The Big Ant-venture": Blaze and Zeg transform into insects and explore an insect city, where they meet friendly insects and attempt to retrieve a runaway firefly egg.
  13. "Ready, Set, Roar!"note : Blaze and Stripes turn into great cats to compete in the Animal Island Championship, but Crusher is also in the race dressed as a "cheating" cheetah to stop them.
  14. "The Great Animal Crown"note : Blaze transforms into a shark to retrieve a lost animal crown before Crusher does.
  15. "Tow Truck Tough"note : Blaze turns into a tow truck and sets off to save Stripes after he falls down a canyon.
  16. "Race for the Golden Treasure"note : Blaze, AJ and Pegwheel set out on an ultimate treasure hunt to find three keys which open a golden treasure chest.
  17. "Need for Blazing Speed"note : Crusher accidentally lets Blaze's Blazing Speed engine go loose and he, AJ and Gabby have to get it back before Crusher gets it for himself.
  18. "Fast Friends"note : Blaze, AJ and Gabby meet a new Monster Machine named Watts, but one of her tires comes loose and they have to find it for her.
  19. "Raceday Rescue"note : On the day of a big race, Crusher sends AJ and Gabby flying away in a bubble and Blaze and Watts have to save them.
  20. "Defeat the Cheat"note : Blaze and Crusher are teamed with each other during the second annual Team Truck Challenge, and Crusher has to resist cheating to win for the first time.

     Season 4 
  1. "The Chicken Circus!"note : Blaze and Darington work to find missing chickens for a circus after Crusher accidentally sends them launching far away.
  2. "The Pickle Family Campout": When Pickle's family members get lost in the woods, he teams with Blaze as a tow truck to rescue them.
  3. "Robot Power"note : Crusher accidentally unleashes three wrecking robots and Blaze transforms into a super strong robot to stop them.
  4. "Breaking the Ice"note : Blaze must use his robot powers to rescue a little bunny who's stuck on a breaking glacier.
  5. "Robots to the Rescue"note : Blaze turns his friends into robots so they can solve three major emergencies across town.
  6. "The Super-Size Prize"note : Blaze and AJ do various jobs to earn coins so they can buy a special prize at the Axle City Fair.
  7. "T-Rex Trouble"note : While in Dinosaur Valley, Blaze and Zeg use their robot powers to help three baby tyrannosauruses find their way home.
  8. "Meatball Mayhem"note : Crusher accidentally spills grow spice on a meatball, causing it to grow to giant size and roll away with him stuck inside, so Blaze and Pickle become robots to rescue him.
  9. "Robots in Space"note : The Monster Machine robots go on an adventure into outer space to rescue a space commander who crashes on Pluto.
  10. "Power Tires"note : When Blaze's tires pop during a race, Gabby equips him with special Power Tires that can turn into anything to help him keep moving.
  11. "Ninja Blaze"note : Blaze and AJ train to be ninjas with Ninja Master Blackbelt and use their skills to rescue Crusher and Pickle from an icy mountain after accidentally launching themselves there.
  12. "Snow Day Showdown": On a snowy day, Blaze and his friends line up for hot chocolate, but Crusher accidentally sends it flying onto a hill and Blaze has to get it before Crusher does.
  13. "Construction Crew to the Rescue": When Crusher and Pickle build a tall tower with no way down, Blaze, Stripes and Starla turn into construction vehicles to save them.
  14. "Officer Blaze": Blaze and AJ become police officers and help Officer Anna solve three big emergencies around Axle City.
  15. "The Flying Lion": Blaze and AJ work to retrieve a missing sunstone for Roarian the flying lion before Crusher does.
  16. "Royal Rescue"note : When the King accidentally catapults himself far away, Blaze, AJ, and his pet dragon Zeek become knights and hurry to his rescue.
  17. "The 100 Egg Challenge"note : Blaze competes against Crusher in an egg-hunting race to find 100 eggs and win a chocolate trophy.
  18. "Blaze and the Magic Genie"note : Blaze and AJ help a genie find his missing wish-granting gems so he can grant wishes for them.
  19. "The Midnight Mile"note : The Monster Machines compete in a late-night race where the winner gets a glow-in-the-dark trophy.
  20. "Ninja Soup"note : Blaze and AJ help Blackbelt find ingredients to make Ninja Soup for his sick Grandma Ninja.

     Season 5 
  1. "The Island of Lost Treasure": Blaze and Stripes visit the Island of Lost Treasure where they hunt for the mysterious lost treasure there while passing dangerous obstacles.
  2. "AJ to the Rescue": When Blaze gets stuck in super sticky mud on the jungle, AJ goes on a solo adventure to rally some animals that will help free him.
  3. "The Trophy Chase": Crusher's latest invention takes off with the trophy before the championship race begins, so Blaze, Stripes, Zeg and Starla have to retrieve it before Crusher does.
  4. "Babysitting Heroes": Blaze and AJ help Stripes rescue the baby animals he's babysitting after they float away in bubbles.


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