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Recap / Black Dynamite

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Black Dynamite

Season One

  1. Black Dynamite S 1 E 0 Trouble On Puppet Street
  2. Black Dynamite S 1 E 1 "Just Beat It" or "Jackson Five Across Yo' Eyes"
  3. Black Dynamite S 1 E 2 "Bullhorn Nights" or "Murder She Throats"
  4. Black Dynamite S 1 E 3 "Taxes and Death" or "Get Him to the Sunset Strip!"
  5. Black Dynamite S 1 E 4 A Crisis At Christmas Or The Dark Side Of The Dark Side Of The Moon
  6. Black Dynamite S 1 E 5 Panic On The Players Ball Express Or Thats Influenza Sucka
  7. 'The $#*! That Killed The King!' or 'Weekend At Presley's'
  8. 'Apocalypse, This!' or 'For the Pity of Fools' AKA 'Flashbacks Are Forever'
  9. 'Honky Kong!' or 'White Apes Can't Hump'
  10. 'The Race War!' or 'Big Black Cannon Balls Run!'
  11. 'That Seed of Kurtis' AKA 'Father Is Just Another Word For Motherf***er!'

Season Two

  1. 'Roots (The White Album' or 'The Blacker the Community, the Deeper the Roots!' or 'Those Cotton Pickin' Crackers'
  2. 'Black Jaws!' or 'Finger Lickin' Chicken of the Sea'
  3. 'Warriors Come Out' or 'The Mean Queens of Halloween'
  4. 'How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back' or 'Night of the Living D!@%heads'
  5. 'Sweet Bill's Badass Singalong Song' or 'Bill Cosby Ain't Himself'
  6. 'Mister Rogers' Revenge' or 'Please Don't You Be His Neighbor'
  7. 'American Band Standoff' or 'The Godfather of Soooul Train' or 'Get On Your Goodfellas'
  8. 'Diff'rent Folks, Same Strokes' or 'The Hunger Pang Games'
  9. 'The Wizard of Watts'

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