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Recap / Animated Critic The Kevin Arc

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The first of the Animated Critic Story Arcs. This one introduces recurring character Kevin. The main story pretty much follows Evan and Kevin's first meeting and how their relationship develops. It lasted from Quick Thoughts #4 to Animated Critic #8.

Recap of the story. (Well contain spoilers)

  • Part 1-Quick Thoughts #4-Catch and Release (Steven Universe)
    • A mysterious man named Kevin comes onto the blog. He doesn't really do much but ask Evan what he thought of Small Peridot. This obviously leaves Evan very confused.

  • Part 2-Quick Thoughts #5-When it Rains (Steven Universe)
    • Kevin comes back again. Evan ask why he's here but Kevin gives a very vague response saying it's his buisness. He also adds that Evan looks like he could use a friend. To which Evan is very embarrassed about.

  • Part 3-Gone Flushin (Fairly OddParents)-Animated Critic #7
    • Evan goes on a tangent about how much Nickelodeon has declined in quality. Kevin come in sayig there is still hope in the network and tells Evan to watch Harvey Beaks. Evan says he'll do it after finishing Toon-O-Ween and doing a Christmas special.

  • Part 4-A Cleveland Brown Christmas (The Cleveland Show)-Animated Critic Holiday Special
    • Evan begins to doubt his skills as a reviewer. Kevin gives him some assurance though telling him he's fine. Evan thanks Kevin telling him he may of annoyed him sometimes but he seems like a nice guy and is trustworthy. He also explains to Kevin that he feels reviewing is one of his only skills.

  • Part 5-The Finger (Harvey Beaks)-Animated Critic #8
    • Kevin reveals that he is a Guardian Angel to Evan. He explains everyone gets a guardian angel at birth and he's Evan's. He explains he's not suppose to make direct contact with the person he's the guardian over but when he saw Evan started a blog to review things he got excited as when he was alive he was also a critic. The Arc ends with Kevin leaving saying it'll be awhile before he returns.

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