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Recap / Animated Critic Revenge From The Past Arc

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The second Story Arc of the Animated Critic Blog. This arc introduces the characters Adora and Ashley. It starts when Evan gets a mysterious visitor who he apparently knew in the past and hurt in some way. Now she's out for revenge. It started with Quick Thoughts #8 and is still currently going on.

Recap of the Arc

  • Part 1-Quick Thoughts #8-The Big Fairy Share Scare (Fairly OddParents)
    • After the review Evan gets visited by a mysterious person who tells him that he or she (it is unclear right now) is after him for revenge. Evan had no idea what he's done, but the person leaves so Evan doesn't mess with it right now.

  • Part 2-Quick Thoughts #9-Steven's Birthday Bomb (Steven Universe) Part 1
    • In the middle of the review Evan is attacked by the mysterious person once again. He or she says they have a way to take his blog down and believes that the blog is all Evan cares about. Evan is very worried but tries to stay calm. At the end of the blog post Kevin comes in and we find out that the mysterious being was Adora, Evan's childhood friend. Evan is very saddened by this and wonders what he did to hurt her.

  • Part 3-Steven's Birthday Bomb (Steven Universe) Part 2
    • Evan only has a few minutes left to right one last review. He decides to finish up with Steven's Birthday Bomb. After the review when all seems lost Kevin steps in. Apparently he got a few of his tech friends to improve the firewall around the blog so Adora well have to try harder to take it down. Adora leaves angered saying she'll be back and all ends happy.

  • Part 4-Joking Victim (Steven Universe)-Animated Critic Special
    • It's Valentine's Day so after the review Evan gets a message from a secret admirer.

  • Part 5-Gorilla (Teen Titans Go!)-Animated Critic #10
    • The secret admirer leaves a note for Evan. It tells him to come onto the blog the next day.

  • Part 6-Every Man's Dream (The Simpsons)-Animated Critic #11
    • Evan gets into contact with the Secret Admirer however she leaves rather soon as "She is coming"

  • Part 7-Beauty and the Obese (Stripperella)-Animated Critic #12
    • He comes into contact with the Secret Admirer again. She tells him that the secret admirer thing was just an act and that her name is Ashley. She's also the sister of Adora. She leaves as she sees that Evan is clearly sorry for what he did to Adora and wants to tell Adora off about it.

  • Part 8-Driven to Tears (Spongebob Squarepants)-Animated Critic #13

  • Part 9-On the Run (Steven Universe)-Animated Critic #14

  • Part 10-The Legend of the Titanic-Animated Critic #15 (Both Parts)

This arc has not yet been completed, according to Evan there is 1 part left of the arc. It should be finished as soon as possible.


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