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Recap / A Series Of Unfortunate Events S 02 E 08 The Hostile Hospital Part 2

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Klaus and Sunny have no other choice but to disguise themselves to rescue Violet from Olaf's latest plot, and things begin to take a turn for the worse once Olaf finds out what Klaus knows.


  • MockGuffin: Played with and subverted, the kids thought the troupe wanted the snicket files but in truth they thought the kids had the sugar bowl. Subverted in the fact the Mock Guffin still had a piece of valuable information.
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  • Punk in the Trunk: At the end of the episode, the Baudelaires are forced to hide in the trunk of Count Olaf's car in order to escape the police, firefighters and angry hospital staff.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the book, the Person of Indeterminate Gender dies in the hospital fire. Here, he/she survives and rejoins Count Olaf's troupe just before they flee the scene.

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