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Recap / A Series Of Unfortunate Events S 02 E 09 The Carnivorous Carnival Part 1

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The Baudelaires stow away in the trunk of Olaf's car, in an attempt to discover more on Snicket's file. Fortunately, it seems Olaf is seeking a fortune teller, one who can answer all of his questions.

  • Bestiality Is Depraved: Violet and Klaus, under the guise of southern-accented conjoined twins Beverly and Elliot, claim that Sunny, under the guise of a Chabo the Wolf Baby, is the offspring of a huntress and a handsome wolf. The troupe doesn't dwell on it, thankfully.
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  • Flashback: To a party shortly after V.F.D. was founded. Several dead agents (Gustav, Jacques, Josephine, Monty) are seen alive and well as Larry tries to pass a message on to Lemony regarding Olaf and Beatrice — but he apparently gets it too late.

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