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(Kakyoin!Rubber Soul is ordering some coconut juice.)
Kakyoin!Rubber Soul: Coconut juice plea-
(Hoshi sneaks behind him and steals his wallet.)
Hoshi: Woohoo!
(Kakyoin!Rubber Soul looks upset.)
Hoshi: Hahaha! Got ur wallet! Weehooo~
Jotaro: Hey, wait up, man.
(Jotaro steals the wallet back and hands it back to Kakyoin!Rubber Soul.)
Jotaro: Hey, Kakyoin. I got your wallet back!
Kakyoin!Rubber Soul: Thank you, but my fury won't be quelled by just tha... GUHUU!
(Kakyoin!Rubber Soul gives Hoshi a coconut backbreaker, which causes Hoshi to vomit up blood.)
Hoshi: Guhgeh, it's the coconut backbreaker!
Jotaro: Cut it out, Kakyoin. He's vomiting up blood.
(Kakyoin!Rubber Soul continues the backbreaker.)
Hoshi: Uwahhhh!
(Blood is now gushing out of Hoshi's eyes.)
Jotaro: I told you to cut it out.

Seras Victoria, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

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