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"The tstame men were crude and badly coordinated, which was to be expected from a public set. Even so, they were being directed across the board with a gawky grace. Red's pawns had dug a defensive trench across one corner of the board. White had tried the same tactic, but had stopped work and the pawns were clustered around one of Red's knights, who were haranguing them. As Dom watched, Red's Sacerdote-shaman brought his mitrepike down on the kill-button of White's Accountant, and in the ensuing mêlée managed to get several pawns through the crossfire of the Rooks. The King made a brave attempt to run for it but was brought down by a flying tackle from the leading pawn."

''"At that, he returns to the chessboard. This chess differs from the game I know in its pieces and their movements. Hence the old officer always wins.
"Ape takes high priest, you realize?"
"Go ahead," I say. I move a Parapet to cover the Ape's retreat."''

Kim: That's kal-toh, isn't it? Vulcan chess?
Tuvok: Kal-toh is to chess, as chess is to tic-tac-toe.
Star Trek: Voyager, "Alter Ego"


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