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Recap / The Big Bang Theory S 4 E 22 The Wildebeest Implementation

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Leonard and Priya invite Howard and Bernadette to a couples dinner. Amy hypothesizes that Bernadette is the "weakest" member of the group, and decides she would be a good double agent instead. Penny and Amy buy expensive shoes. Raj, not wanting to be a fifth wheel, tries out a new experimental drug for his social anxiety.


  • Calvinball: Sheldon is working on a three person version of chess, with a lot of new pieces with complicated moves.
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  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Sheldon explains that emotions have colors: yellow for fear, blue for sadness, etc. He notes that there is no color assigned to loneliness; Raj suggests orange, thinking it's lonely because nothing rhymes with it.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Raj
    Leonard: Are you going to talk about that in front of your sister?
    Priya: We shared a room when we were growing up. It's nothing new.
  • Exact Words: Raj gives Sheldon money for a scone, but when the cashier says they're out of scones and offers a muffin, Sheldon refuses because the money was earmarked for scones.
  • High Heel Hurt: Amy buys new high-heel shoes and is visibly awkward while wearing them.
    Amy: [while walking up the stairs] My metatarsals are barking!
  • Ironic Echo Cut: When Amy is texting lies about Penny's acting career, she adds that she's acting in a 3D movie, to make it seem like the studio has faith in it. Which is exactly what Howard says when Bernadette passes it on.
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  • Naked People Are Funny: Raj takes off his clothes under the effects of the anxiety medication.
  • Running Gag: Sheldon insisting that a hot beverage is non-optional when someone is upset.
  • Scenery Censor: When Raj has an adverse reaction to the drug and takes off his clothes in a coffee shop.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Amy suggests putting a listening device in Bernadette's "ample bosom".

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