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Rehm Sikohlon

Taru: we do, exactly?
Rehm: We...negotiate.

"No one dies today. None of us, and none of them."

"None of us... None of them... So much for that promise."

Dehl Sikohlon

"I am thrall to no one."

Havan: My life...for Wadassia.
*Dehl pauses, walks up to him, and shakes his hand*
Dehl: OUR lives.

"Were I a lesser man, I would shred you where you stand for harming one of my own. Instead, you may continue existence, and dictating the wills of those who wish to die."

Havan: So? You came here with a purpose. You think killing me will make it ALL better!
Dehl: Perhaps. Perhaps not. 'Tis a start, at least.

"Rejoin your rank, Tezkhra. If he will not be felled by gods, then he will be felled by men."

Fih'jik: Friends, we have a visitor, from the outlands. His name is...ah...
Dehl: Dehl. Just...Dehl.

Xopi: Brother Dehl? Do you still...fight?
Dehl: Every waking hour. But not always with a blade, and not always against another.


Tehgonan Clapain

"What THEY don't know can't hurt ME, ya follow?"

"[Metzino] had this weapon. It was like magic, but not magic. Anyone could use it. That's the way things should be."

Fero Flael

"Do not let your mind be poisoned by the air [of Kir'Ssha] mine once was."

Sicious Qualstio

After letting a group of escaped shra thralls get away:
Dehl: Qualstio, why did you do that?
Qualstio: Look, you're better off than those shra, so you don't care. But that's not how I feel. Especially after knowing you for so long.

When Skint requests a Mercy Kill from Dehl:
"Whoa, hey, you're serious?! L-Let someone else do it. Dehl doesn't deserve all this."
After Dehl does it anyway:



Dehl: You will be able to save many people if you join us.
Sirush: Myself...included.

Sirush: Pursuers are no longer a Distinct lack of future clients available...con. Opportunity to test skills against a Extreme likelihood of certain death...con. no longer alive to see our world...
*long pause*
Sirush: ...Pro.

Halia Falitza

"I...I see...through...the un-seeable..."

"...This told must not be forgotten."

"Ah! Clouds! Clouding, of the mind and of the future! The blue turns orange, then gray!"

Faltiza: So gentle, my mourning dove. You are the only blue I ever dream of.
Hunio: Halia, you are speaking your nonsense again. Just stop it. You've hurt me enough already. What have you become? A warrior? If only your family could see you now...
Falitza: The sky portends this, and all things. Your role and mine. We are where we must be.
Hunio: Please, no more. I'm going back now. Just...let your new family take care of you.
*he leaves, Falitza turns toward him*
Falitza: Dove? Why are you so cold? Why did...? O-Oh. The sky is calling for you again.

After the world has ended:
"Not an end...but a beginning. And perhaps, with a little more care this time..."
"Not a beginning...but an end. And perhaps, with a little more force this time..."

The rules need not apply to those who do not play along.
'Beyond' skill description


Qualstio: What sort of magic do you wield?
Kulkumatz: itself. I know of growth, and sspirit, and decay, and ressurgencce.

Character #16 (Tezkhra)

"[My] realm? Hmm. No, such is out of the scope of your reality."

"In the scope of your being...yes, I am [a god]. Yet, I assure you, I am also an ally and a friend."

"The third trigger. [...] The initial surge of heat should destroy any remaining life on the Surface instantly... Then, the Cycle will be complete. It will send out the signal that everything's ready. They'll clean up the Surface, repopulate it, start a new Cycle, and...rescue me."
"This is my duty. This Surface is the one. We were so close to completion this time... Just one more Cycle, that's all we need. We can change everything with this energy."
"One switch...and this will all be forgotten. I can continue as if nothing happened..."
<long pause>
"I...I can't. I'm sorry, everyone..."

"We plant them upon the Surface, impart them with knowledge, and set them free. They think of us as gods. We create, we destroy, we give, we take away... So, that is an acceptable explanation over the truth in their scope, don't you agree?"

Marie: What went wrong?
Tezkhra: People. People can't be trusted with anything they do not understand. That is the problem. Unless people will accept and understand their own scope, they will never get along.

"Better I be forgotten as a dead man than remembered as a traitor."


"My life...for Wadassia."

When referring to his 'artifact':
"Beautiful. The kind of relic a man would build a tower beneath in order to protect."

Dehl: But, why? Why you!?
Havan: Hah! Let me ask you why! Why you were the favorite. Why you were so damn special! You've no idea how much we did to appease that old woman...but she chose YOU! For years we toiled under her boot! The gods had chosen us, and only us, she said!
Havan: You were chosen, you were spared! I couldn't...STAND it! You abandoned us! You could have done something, anything! But instead, you were having tea with the gods!

Dehl: You fought for the good of the people. For Wadassia.
Havan: Hah! What good is all that work when your reward is destined to be snatched away!
Dehl: Helping others is not a matter of rewards.
Havan: Oh don't give me that, Dehl Sikohlon! You are as guilty of ambition as any of us.

"The world is ruined! There is nothing to save! The gods swept you away, then tore apart everything you left behind! And for what?"

"It sounds like the game is afoot, then! The winner shall inherit the ashes of the world!"


The rest of the Blue Guard

Cort: Do not hurt the massster! He isss the leader of the world! He isss the sssavior of all!

Adi: Loyalty to the end! That is the way of the Blue Guard! Havan's rule is unshakable!


Fell: Everything is calm, and yet, everything exists alongside peril as well.
Dehl: I don't understand.
Fell: It is all scope, Dehl. How far back must you stand before you can see 'everything'?

Dehl: Fell...did you know that man would take his own life?
Fell: Words of the Watcher of the Future, yes. Knowledge, not necessarily. It is all scope.


"Your mouth may belie you, but perhaps your veins will speak truth to me instead!"

"I was a defender once, only to be struck from behind by those I wished to protect... And when they fell to my Plague-soaked blood, they called me scourge lord. Mmm...nothing has gone right since that Plague...and now, we come full circle."
"Even so, is this a world worth living in? Our cities are ruined...our progress is lost... Even if you do defeat the Lord-God, there is nothing left for me. I no longer belong here."

Dehl's Father

"Only we can end the plague of violence. And end it we shall, no matter the cost..."

Enemy Quotes

Heat Matterfiend: (Immolate.)
Cold Matterfiend: (Frigerate.)
Physical Matterfiend: (Consolidate.)
Mental Matterfiend: (Obfuscate.)
Divine Matterfiend: (Illuminate.)
Noxious Matterfiend: (Suffocate.)

Dunestalker: (IS TASTY?!)

Enforcer: (Ours is the greatest god! He exhumed us when we were buried by our weakness!)

Dominator: (Ours is the greatest god! He inherited the world, and the sun, and all things between!)

Manipulator: (Ours is the greatest god! He pierced the sky and poured forth its power unto us!)

Zaka: (Yes...strike me down, while my life still has meaning...)


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