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Headscratchers / The Reconstruction

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  • How did Moke get his poisonous disposition? Is he some sort of mutation, is it related to the Blue Plague or his apparent connections to the si'shra? Unless it is explained in his sidequest, which I didn't complete yet, or in the ending, someone please tell me. Possibly it was mentioned earlier and I just forgot it?
    • I'm pretty sure it's mentioned off-handedly somewhere (probably in Interlude 5) that it's due to the Blue Plague. The si'shra aren't known for leaking poisonous ooze, so I doubt his connection to them (whatever it is) has much, if anything, to do with it.
      • Nevermind me. I Miss the Sunrise explains it much better... though Moke being a Lesser only raises new questions so far. Speaking of the Si'Shra... The Warden doesn't seem to be a normal shra either.
      • Eh? What makes you think that? The red sclerae are probably just stylistic, like most of the wacky eye colors. Who knows; maybe shra eyes can run the entire color spectrum, and the fact that we've only seen ones in the yellow-blue range doesn't mean there can't be purple- or red-eyed shra.

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