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The Martian, where you learn all the ways that being scientifically literate can save your life.
The Martian, where fluency in science, technology, engineering, and math... rule all decisions of survival.
The Martian, where science, not human emotion, drives the plot's humor, interpersonal relations, tension, and suspense.
The Martian, where you experience love, hate, envy, anxiety, pride and heroism... all through the lens of science.
The Martian, where the protagonist survives not on wit, prayer or hope, but on sciencing the shit out of everything.
The Martian may be the first sci-fi blockbuster ever in which nobody dies.
Evidence that The Martian movie is fantasy: All who make important decisions are scientifically literate.
Evidence that The Martian movie is fantasy: The USA and China cooperate with one another in space.
In The Martian movie, they got crucial science right, while enhancing the story by fictionalizing the science that remained.

Fuck you Mars.
Mark, after days of backbreaking work carting Martian soil to build his farm. (In the book, he says this literally to the planet itself after reaching orbit with the Ares 4 MAV).

In the face overwhelming odds, I'm only left with one option: I'm gonna have to science the shit outta this.
Mark, when planning to make an 3,200 kilometer overland trip in a rover that can travel only 70 kilometers before needing to recharge and has minimal life support.

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