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Quotes / The Defenders (2017)

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  • S1 Episode 4 Royal Dragon
    Danny Rand: Look, I tried being a one-man army, and it failed. But this? This feels like something else is at work here. The four of us show up to fight a criminal organization at the same moment? How obvious does it have to be? This? This cannot be an accident.

  • S1 Episode 5 Take Shelter
    Sowande: That army you used to fight alongside... The Chaste. They captured me once. This was years ago. Long before you were born. I had been captive three days when they heard my soldiers approach. The fortress fell silent. The gates remained locked. [chuckles] The Chaste couldn't comprehend it, but the soldiers outside, they were following my orders. They sealed the gates, allowed no one in or out.
    On the third day, your soldiers turned on each other. By the fourth, they'd run out of water. By the sixth, no food. I believe it was the tenth day that they knelt before me. Begging me to make it stop.
    Stick: Well... If I kneel before you right now, shithead, will you shut up?
    Sowande: It won't be long before your plan comes apart. Before this chair I'm in becomes a throne.

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  • S1 Episode 8 The Defenders
    Matt Murdock: This is what we get, isn't it? For ever thinking we could make this work.
    Elektra Natchios: Who says we didn't? We're together. Something I've wanted since I first laid eyes on you. We can have it forever.

  • S1 Episode 8 The Defenders
    Elektra Natchios: I'm sorry, Mathew... for all the pain I've caused you along the way.
    Matt Murdock: You know, we're gonna die here.
    Elektra Natchios: [smiles] No. This is what living feels like.

  • S1 Episode 8 The Defenders
    Matt Murdock: Protect my city.