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Quotes / The Child of Love

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Quotes taken from The Child of Love:

"Aha! Not bad for a little girl! What do you think about that, baka Shinji?"
Asuka, chapter 5

Gendo:"W-what?! You...would rather obey Misato than me, Rei?"
Rei:"Yes. Because Major Katsuragi is more human than you are."
chapter 9

Shinji:"You lied to me, you bastard, [...] that picture of mother, you had it all along. [...] You just wanted to keep it to yourself, [...] you selfish bastard."
Gendo:"Is that all?"
Shinji:"I hope they keep you in here forever, [...] even that'll be too good for you, after all that you have done."
Gendo:"You mean like bringing you and the Second Children together?"
Shinji:"I didn't need you for that! [...] we never needed you to fall in love! You were only using me, using Asuka, using Teri! [...] HOW COULD YOU?!"
Gendo:"Because I needed to,"
[Shinji turns to leave]]
Gendo:"Aren't you forgetting something?"
Gendo:"I was thinking, I know that Colonel Katsuragi is now your legal guardian, [...] but shouldn't you ask me for permission to marry the Second Children, even if it's merely for formality?"
Gendo:"You are planning to marry her, aren't you? You are the father of her child."
Shinji:"We don't need anything from you. We want nothing to do with you. This will be our last meeting, as far as I am concerned. [...] I'm finished here,"
The Child Of Love 2: chapter 7


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