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The Child of Love gets referenced in:

  • The Ikaris: During a conversation Gendo mutters maybe he should write a fanfic where he hooks up his son with Asuka by stimulating her sexual desire:
    "I have to admit that it's strange to see you interfering so much in this matter," the older wondered. "I wouldn't even be surprised if you would initialize something to get the Second Children pregnant by the Third just so they'd stay together."
    "You mean by mixing something in Unit-02's LCL to stimulate her sexual needs so she would have intercourse with him?" Gendo mused. "No, better not. I'll just end up as the bad guy again, trying to alter the child's DNA to make it a superior pilot, not caring if the mother's killed during the birth and take the child aw..." he trailed off. "Hmm, I really should start taking notes..."
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  • The Death Of One: The author names this fic as one of his influences.
  • "NekoWaffers": In chapter 3 of this fic (found here, too) Asuka gets pregnant. The Lemony Narrator complains that they lifted a line from Higher Learning and now they are stealing a gag from The Child of Love:
    “SHE'S WHAT?!”
    ... And the hits just keep on coming. Seriously, this is just starting to get old. And wasn't that a gag from an older fic where Asuka ends up knocked up?
    Hey, you want to call it an homage then be my guest.
  • The Infinite Loops: Teri and Aki Ikari of The Second Try are referenced as having been the daughters of Asuka and Shinji in alternate timelines.


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