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Heartwarming / The Child of Love

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Heartwarming moments in The Child of Love:

  • Shinji keeping watch over Asuka after she passed out in chapter 2.
  • Shinji's birthday gift was a ring. That was the only gift Asuka got that day felt especial to her.
  • Shinji and Asuka watch the fireworks during the Obon festival. They kiss and then have a long talk where they realize their methods to avoid getting hurt -driving people away or running from them- are hurting them anyway and they are more alike and understand each other better than they would like thinking.
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  • And after getting together they keep their relationship secret for a while since Asuka wants to show her nicer side to Shinji, specifically.
  • After Shinji got knocked out by an Angel he spent two whole days sleeping and Asuka remained the whole time by his side.
  • In episode 8 Asuka tells Shinji she does not need him protecting her; she only wants he loves her back.


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