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YMMV entries for The Child of Love:

  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • In chapter 2 Misato tells Ritsuko Asuka has fainted and Shinji is examining her… and Ritsuko asks what that examination consists of:
      Misato:"Shinji is examining her! He says she has a high temperature!"
      Ritsuko:"He's examining her? What kind of 'examination' is he giving her now?"
      Misato:"Cut that out! I'M SERIOUS HERE!!!"
    • In chapter 5 Asuka and Shinji are playing an arcade game and Asuka’s character is going underwater:
      Asuka (seductively):"Oh...yeah, Shinji... yesssss... deeper... I... I..." (suddenly furious:) "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!"
      Shinji:"Hey, it's not my fault if I always find the torpedo launcher when you're underwater!"
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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Gendo is a bigger bastard than he ever was in canon. In the original series he was a broken shell of a man made horrible things to get his wife back, cared about his son but sent him away because he was afraid of Shinji, and was real bad at manipulating and scheming. In this story he makes horrible things because he has delusions of godhood, does not care about Shinji at all, is depicted like a cunning schemer and he is willing to use babies to fight his war.
  • Fanon:
    • Asuka did NOT kiss Shinji in episode 15 because she was bored. And she was not in denial, either. She liked him, she was kind of aware of it and was trying to find out if he liked her back.
    • Rei did not lose all her memories after each death.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The title of chapter 8 is "You Are Not Alone". Keep in mind that episode was written at least six years before Rebuild's first film was a thing.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Gendo crossed it so fast that he left footprints on it when his gambit is revealed: he used drugs to heighten Asuka’s sexual drive so that she had sex with someone and got pregnant. Then he mixed DNA agents in the LCL her body was submerged into to modify her foetus genetically in order to create a super-pilot.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: It was praised almost universally by the fandom back in the day due to its incredibly sweet and heart-warming moments, but the script format hurts it, it shows that it was Axel's first story written in English language, and compared with other posterior classic fanworks (The One I Love Is..., Higher Learning, RE-TAKE, Nobody Dies, The Second Try, Once More with Feeling, Last Child of Krypton, Advice and Trust…) it looks average and very basic.