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Quotes / Polish the Turd

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"Let's be real. If you're trying to sell what the Republican Party can do for you, it's best not to remind people what its recent fuck-ups actually did TO you. Especially during hurricane season.

The past accomplishments of the team that tanked the economy, legalized torture and made the surplus disappear is not the best advertisement for the future. For the same reason you never hear the words, 'From the director of Corky Romano...'"
Bill Maher, on the 2012 Republican national convention ignoring George W. Bush's presidency, Real Time with Bill Maher

"Rise looked good and the press was being told that it was 'better than Street Fighter II'. It just goes to show what suckers these people must have been... The marketing division of Time Warner boasted that they could sell turds with the packaging we had given them."
Sean Naden on the pre-release publicity for Rise of the Robots, Retro Gamer

"They say you can't polish a turd. But you can roll it in glitter!"
Graham Norton on his chat show, April 2015.

"We live in a world where Gucci can paint three stripes on a turd and sell it."


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