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Fanfic / Mado of Stone Mil

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Mado of Stone Mill is a 2004 fan-sequel to the anime Haibane Renmei. It can be read either on this forum or this website.

The story is about a 15-year old Haibane boy dubbed Mado. Mado wakes up in an unfamiliar place called Stone Mill and learns that he's a Haibane, a humanoid with angel-like wings and a halo.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Continuation: Mado of Stone Mill is a sort-of sequel to Haibane Renmei. It stars new characters but takes place in the same setting.
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  • Elsewhere Fic: The story stars a new group of Haibane that are separate from the anime's.
  • Original Flavour: Mado of Stone Mill tries to emulate the style of Haibane Renmei.