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Shinji froze as still as she was. “You’re…” It came out as a strangled gasp. He reminded himself to breathe again. A couple of deep breaths gave him the ability to try again. “You’re right. We did see this already. We should have expected it.” His shocked expression shifted to a faintly happy one. “At least this means we’re going to be rescued sometime in the next four months.”
Asuka gave him a dour look that would have hit harder if she hadn’t still been shaking so much. “You’re taking this awfully lightly, Third Child.”
He laughed weakly. “Oh, I'm holding on by a thread. I want to run around the room screaming right now, I’m not sure if in joy or terror. But you obviously do not. I can freak out later if I need to. You need me, and that’s more important. I promised. I’ve got your back for everything, including this.”
“A-asuka? You’re feeling better and aren’t about to freak out anymore, right?
“I guess so. Why?”
“Because I think it’s my turn, then.” He started to shake. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, oh gods…..

Another "probably last" check-up today, and aside from the feeling I have that Aki might be a little smaller than the average, there are still seem to be no critical problems. But though this could actually ease the birth a little, it doesn't really calm me. The closer the estimated day comes, the more afraid I get of the possibilities. There's so much that could go wrong. I don't even know how I should handle the birth. Usually, there would be a whole team – doctor, nurse, midwife – that can take care of the child, while others, including the father, can be there for the mother. But I will have to make sure by myself that both are okay, before, during and even more so after the birth.
However, that isn't what scares me most. All the time I have studied about regular births, but I didn't think about the special, problematic situation we're in. Be it Asuka's youth, that it'll be her first, the lack of educated personal, or mostly my incapability to react properly in a critical situation. The necessity for a C-section isn't that rare, and I don't see how I should do that. For example, the mother being as young as Asuka, she might not reach a necessary dilation, or the umbilical cord wrapping around Aki's neck, or if s/he's just lying wrong, or...The more I learn, the more I fear I didn't learn enough. And look at this thing. It was supposed to be a log of the data I'd might need, but how am I supposed to filter out any crucial information between all my ramblings and thoughts? I don't know how I'm supposed to do this...
-Hey, Baka! Thought I didn't know about your little diary? Well, I do now. You fell asleep next to it, after studying – again – until 2 o'clock in the morning.
Anyway, stop worrying so damn much. I'm fine. And I'm sure – no, I know Aki is fine too. You really should stop to be so pessimistic. We have come so far, mastered so many obstacles in our lives. We will live through this as well. All three of us.

"Honest, the way the men carry on, you'd think it was them that was havin' the baby."
Mrs. Jones, Street Scene

"He just wasn't thinking properly, 'cos husbands never do when the time comes. They panic because it isn't their world anymore"
Nanny Ogg, Thief of Time

"She's having a baby...NOOOOOOOWWW!"
Ben Loka, Sitcom Cliches


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