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Quotes / Oblivious to Hints

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    Comic Books 
Kara: But this is meant to be an elite school— aren't we here to learn? This "dance" just sounds like a distraction.
Ben: Maybe sometimes people need a distraction. I take it you're... not interested, though.
Kara: Not in distractions, no.

    Fan Works 

She'd finally gotten that dense, oblivious, blind baka to finally notice the fact she'd been trying to get him to react to her hints that she... kind of thought he was cute.
Asuka Langley Sohryu on Shinji Ikari, Advice and Trust, chapter 2

"Besides, you masturbating over my comatose body was far from the worst thing to happen to me that week. At least it proved you were too dumb to know when you're being hit on instead of just gay."

I didn't get what you wanted. I wanted the same thing you did, and I didn't get it. I just... I guess I just lost it in a different way.
Shinji to Asuka, Ghosts of Evangelion

The second thing that happened was that Asuka Langley Soryu laid eyes on Shinji Ikari for the first time, and stiffened oh so subtly, her air of casual indifference shifting to one of deliberately indifference, her eyes rapidly snapping off him to look anywhere else before he noticed her looking. Shinji, being Shinji, despite being able to see the heat rising from her skin, hear the quickening of her heartbeat, and practically feel the sounds of the afternoon breeze brushing through her hair, of course noticed none of this.
Last Child of Krypton, chapter 2

Patchouli: Koakuma, why did you slap him?
Koakuma: Patchouli, didn't you understand what he was doing? He was trying to hit on you!
Patchouli: But he wasn't trying to hurt me. He never raised his hands at all.
Koakuma: Not hit you. Hit on you.
Patchouli: Again, he wasn't attacking me. We were just having a nice conversation before you came along. ...And I still don't understand why Remi thought it was funny.
Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness: Extra Stage, in regards to Jamie



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