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    Season 1 
—Entry #7
Brian: Stuck in a loop of unhappiness.

—Entry #9
Alex: If we run out of time on this tape,(waves at camera) we'll get another. It's not a problem.

—Entry #17

Tim: Who wrote that dialogue with you, Alex?

Alex: That was just me, I do all the script for this.

Tim: Huh. (rubs his chin, unimpressed)

—Entry #20

Alex: (points pen at cameraman) Flip the, flip the screen over for me.

Cameraman: (flips scrren)

Alex: That looks awful. (looks at Jay and smiles)

—Entry #22

Alex: (looks solemnly at the camera) I'm leaving this house. I thought I would be safer here by running away. (voice distorts) But everything's just gotten worse. I'm going back to my home. And I'm burning these tapes. All of them.

—Entry # # # # #

Distorted Voiceover: We will wait for you no more. Control is being taken away from you. From the start, it has been a game for us. Not anymore. I'm coming for you, and you will lead me. To the ark.

    Season 2 

Entry #28

Jessica: What's that under your jacket?

Jay: Oh, this is uh, it's a camera.

Jessica: What's it for?

Jay: Uh, you know, making videos of things.

Jessica: (looks skeptical)

Jay: Uh, it's for a documentary. I'm shooting-

Jessica: (moment of relization) Oh!

Jay: I'm shooting a documentary.

Jessica: What's it about?

Jay: Uh, hotels!

Jessica: (looks off to the side and smiles) That makes sense.

Entry #31

Jessica: (obviously annoyed) No. Why are you asking?

Jay: I'm just curious. I just got here so I'm looking for a good area to start looking for an apartment or something.

Jessica: You just got here?

Jay: Yeah. My job relocated me and now I'm looking for-

Jessica: No. You told me your house was being renovated.

Jay: No I didn't. Why would I say that?

Entry #32

Jessica: I think something's going on. (voice distorts) I know something's going on.

Jay: Like what?

Jessica: (glances at her hotel room) I don't know how I got here. (takes a breath) You're the only person I've seen in this hotel other than the staff and we have adjoining rooms! I don't even know you! You said it yourself I'm a stranger! (takes a breath) You haven't had any kind of memory loss at all? (runs fingers through hair)

Jay: (doesn't answer)

Jessica: I think I'm going crazy. I'm losing huge chunks of time. I'm having pounding headaches and coughing fits and I can't sleep, but when I do sleep, I think I'm sleepwalking! And I keep having these dreams, where I'm a little kid and something's watching me!

Entry #36

Jay: (yells) Why did you do that? What were you thinking?

Alex: I did what I had to do. (audio distortion) ...just stabbed me.

Jay: You broke his leg with a block a cement!

Alex: I could've done worse and I probably should've! (audio distortion) ...hotel you were at, what room you were at and then get a package delivered to your door. You're not exactly hard to find.

(audio distortion)

Jay: What do you want me to do between now and whenever you decide to call me, then?

Alex: Lay low.

Jay: (annoyed) Yeah. Great, cool. I'm great at doing that, Alex.

Entry #38

Alex: How much do you know about this area?

Jay: Nothing.

Alex: When I first moved here, I remember hearing a story that back in the 1800s they thought this place was blessed because everything would grow so fast. They would take their worst criminals, murderers, child molesters and they would put them on trial before God out here. They would tie them up to the trees, and the idea was that they would get stretched out, kind of like a rack. They never fed or gave them water though, so they would just die of dehydration.

Jay: Why are you telling me this?

Alex: They never cut down the bodies, they would just burn the whole tree with them still on it. They stopped doing it thought after the kid went missing, and he finally turned up in the area where they would do the trials. (faces tree) He had been dismembered and strung up. (looks at tree)

Jay: (looks at the tree as well, and then looks at Alex) So is this why we are out here, to look at trees and tell spooky ghost stories?

Alex: (looks at dirt) Come here. (starts walking)

Jay: What?

Alex: (glances at Jay) Just come here.

Entry #45

Alex: Get back here! What! The next time I see you, I'll kill you!

Entry #46

Alex: Hey, Jay! You forgot your flashlight! What are you doing here?

Entry #47

Jay: I had a hunch.

Alex: A hunch?

Jay: Yeah.

Alex: Oh, a hunch! What did you expect to find, huh? This? (takes out tape) You thought some tape lying on my desk was gonna be the answer to all your questions?


    Season 3 

—Entry #53
Jay: (hangs up from a call with Tim) Great, more tapes.

—Entry #54
Tim: Well, that was exciting, I guess is the word?
Jay: That was fun.
Seth: Oh yeah pouring rain, awesome.
Alex: We're here in scenic Tim's apartment. Uh... in his music room. Complete with box of thing, keyboard-
Tim: Making musical masterpiece things with our hands.
Alex Ukulele with Tim attachment.
Tim: (plucks ukulele strings) I just learned this song like two minutes ago.
Alex: (record keyboard) Another keyboard, complete with beats. (plays keyboard beats)
Tim: Oh there's Brian.
Brian: (walks into the room, freshly showered) What's up dude?
Tim: That's a nice towel you've got there.
Brian: Oh thanks.
Alex and Tim: That's some nice hair.
Brian: My hair always looks good. (throws towel on the floor) That's why I'm the star.
(power turns off)
Tim: Is it gonna be like dark?
Alex: There's going to be significantly more lighting.
Tim: Ok, well, I also like being able to see so I'm going to go find the breaker box. I don't even know where it is, I never had to use it before. (soft thump) Ow!
Alex: Not there.
Tim: Nope.
Tim: (turns on flashlight) Good news guys, we have a flashlight. (shines light on Alex)
Alex: Even better news, guess what's battery powered. (turns on keyboard beats and bobs head with a serious but funny expression)
Tim: (sarcastic tone of voice) Ohhh, this day just got so much better. Well hey about that acoustic soundtrack, (sits down) I guess that's the only choice we have now so...
Alex: Jam session.
Tim: Yeah!

—Entry #59
Jay: Tim, listen, I-
(Tim punches him again, knocking the camera out of Jay's hands)
Tim: So, after our little field trip, I couldn't shake this feeling that there was something funny about you. So, I do a search for Marble Hornets and you wanna know what I find?!
Jay: I was going to tell you tonight, Tim, I swear!
Tim: Oh, tonight? Tonight? Not last week whenever you dragged me to that hospital to chase after whoever that guy was? Huh?! Not three months ago whenever you followed me outside my own doctor's office?!
Jay: I had to be sure I could trust you. If you've seen the entries, can you blame me?
Tim: There's a lot of things I can blame you for right now, Jay!
Jay: What was I supposed to do? Just walk up and ask you about it?
Jay: In case something happens. I want people to know-
Tim: Like who?! Who the hell is gonna care? What are you trying to gain from all of this? I've seen it myself. Alex points a gun at you and your first instinct is to film it, you psychopath?!
Jay: I'm a psychopath?! Well, you really want to call me a psychopath after all of those videos of you-
Tim: SHUT UP! I'm not a psychopath. It's all Alex's fault. Him, and… whatever it is that follows him around. Somehow, they're responsible for me being this way, and you knew about it. You knew about for three years and you never said a thing!
Jay: How was I supposed to know you wouldn't try to kill me at any minute? I just came to you now because I need your help.
Tim: Oh, my help. My help with what?
Jay: There's this girl named Jessica. She's disappeared and I know Alex has something to do with this.
Tim: Oh, you do? How do you know that? Who exactly is Jessica, huh? Somebody you met in a hotel once? Somebody you've spoken to for a grand total of twice? How do you have any proof that Alex had anything to do with her disappearing, because, as far as I know, she was doing fine until she met YOU. Maybe Alex isn't even the problem, maybe YOU'RE the problem!
Jay: I don't just need your help with her. I need your help with all of us.
Tim: What makes you think I wanna help you?
Jay: What is it you want?
Tim: Okay, obviously you're not very good at this, so you can keep looking for whoever this Jessica is, but here's what's going to happen. We're going to get in our own separate cars, go our own separate ways, go to our own separate homes… I'm gonna try to forget like I met you in the first place.
Jay: Tim, wait. Just listen to me.