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"The problem with adamantium is that once you've processed its raw, liquid form — you've got to keep it that way. You've got to keep it hot. Because once it cools... it's indestructible."
William Stryker, X2: X-Men United

"It is so durable that it never degrades, testing the patience of Time itself. Traditional weapons are useless against it; it is easier to put dents in the laws of physics than in its surface.... It's easier to make tiny changes to reality than it is to change darksteel. You change the fact of its shape rather than alter the metal itself."

"Well it'll take a lot longer to get through the blast door," said Captain Proton. "It's made of neutronium, the hardest substance in the universe. Mined from the heart of a collapsed star in violation of all scientific plausibility."
"OK wiseguy," said Kincaid. "If neutronium's the hardest substance in the universe, how were they able to slice it up into door-shaped bits?"
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

Of course, that still left me with the problem of being one mile high... So I counted on being able to glide down with my cape — knowing my still indestructible costume would take the brunt of my impact in the lake!

"It's the hardest stuff anybody has ever made. If you set off one hundred successive atom blasts over a lump of permallium, you might crystallize and scale maybe a micron off the surface. It will stand any temperature or pressure we can produce. That just means there's no way to destroy it."
The Stutterer, by R. R. Merliss


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