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Quotes / Last Year: The Nightmare

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  • "Well looky here, I made an ass kicker!"
  • "Holy shit, I'm a genius!"
  • "Lefty Lucy righty tighty."
  • "Chad to the rescue!"
  • "You got Dr. Chad here".
  • "Yippie-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker!"
  • "Mess with the Chad, you get the horns!"
  • "Ooh, you're done like dinner, asswipe."
  • "Fight me, Shitsnack, fight me!"
  • "Eat shit, you shit eater!"
  • "Your ass is grass, Shitface!"
  • "Yeah, that's right. Kiss my piss, asshole!"
  • "Hahaha. Sweet, you're fucking dead!"
  • "Take a nap, you dumb baby!"
  • "You stepping bro, huh! You stepping?"
  • "Didn't know I could build shit, huh!?"
  • "Boo! Hahaha. Nah, it's just me."
  • "Boom, Headshot! Can't see, bro?"
  • "How do these rooms work anyway?"
  • "This is so slow. Do you even lift, bro? Haha, See what I did?"

  • "Ever wonder if the us that come out of those rooms are really us, no?"
  • "Did you know the Latin name for rat is Rattus Rattus?"
  • "According to my calculations, you're an idiot!"
  • "I can open this, I got plus two strength!"
  • "I'm gonna go full LARP on your ass!"
  • "A rare triumph of brains over brawn."
  • "Never mess with a dungeon master."
  • "Chaotic Evil, meet Lawful good!"
  • "I call this the Nickinator 2000!"
  • "Super Nick has arrived!"
  • "Watch out, I'm a mathlete!"
  • "Your stupidity astounds me."
  • "Just give me two clicks."
  • "Requiescat in Pace."

  • "I'm really good with my hands. And skip the dumb jokes, please."
  • "Wait 'til they get a load of me. That dick won't know what hit him."
  • "I hope you learned something about pissing me off."
  • "And that's how you put down a sinister fucking freak."
  • "Oh, you really fucked up this time. How tragic for you."
  • "I killed that freak. I'll take my applause now!"
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, your prom queen."
  • "Kiss my 4.0 GPA ass, freak! You're dead!"
  • "I got an A in shop class. Crafting is a breeze."
  • "I'm a garbage picker now, I guess."

  • (intro to bell tower) "First off, we're gonna need some blowtorches. We can use those to open up the sewer doors and make our way to the bell tower. Then, we got to get the doors open. We need to get some gears to get them moving again. After that, we'll still need to get to the top of the tower."
  • (intro to gym) "So first, we find some fuel. After that, we open up the gate and we're home free. We wheel the lift across the gym and climb to the rafters. Then we escape."
  • (intro to library) "Ok, we got to find the disks so we can boot up the server. After that, we hack the computers. That should open the door to Bellman's secret library. Then make our way across the library and we're good."
  • "Leaving you behind isn't part of the plan."
  • "You need to get out of my way."
  • "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here."
  • "Surprise, Motherfucker!"
  • "Aww shit, this is gonna be good."
  • "Don't fuck with me. I'll kill you."
  • "A rat. Nice to see something else living around here."
  • "After this, I'm gonna need one hell of a therapist."
  • "I have had it with these motherfucking vents."
  • "Yeah, I killed your ass! Alright, let's get the fuck out of here."
  • "Oh shit! Ain't no coming back from that one!"
  • "Fuck you bitch! Stay dead, please."
  • "I told you not to fuck with me!"
  • "Just stay down. Come on."
  • "Should've checked yourself!"
  • "I just want to get out of here."

  • "This is what happens when everybody hates you!"
  • "It's your friend Sam! I'll save you."
  • "Let's stick together this time."
  • "Hey! Mister! You! Suck!"
  • "Hell yeah, I mean Heck Yeah!"
  • "Hi, it's just me, sorry."
  • "You're just a bully."
  • "Look out for Sammy."
  • "I miss my bunny."
  • "Stranger Danger!"

  • "Yes! Teamwork makes the dream work!"
  • "Fear truly is the greatest motivator."
  • "My mother always said I could be a doctor."
  • "What can I make with this? Oh, I think I know!"
  • "This is sort of like making a shiv. Only cooler."
  • "These criminals won't know what hit them."
  • "Raj is the man with a plan."
  • "You just got rejected!"
  • "Your boy's heating up!"
  • "Ooh, is it the shoes?"
  • "Yeah boy! Take the L."
  • "You just got posterized, son!"
  • "Looks like I'm the better killer."
  • "Crime doesn't pay, Motherfucker!"
  • "Stay down or I'll fuck you up again!"
  • "And that's game, Motherfucker!"
  • "Hit em with the ol' Razzle Dazzle!"
  • "Hell yeah! I'm the greatest of all time!"