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Funny / Last Year: The Nightmare

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  • Many of the Left 4 Dead-esque messages left by previous students throughout the Nightmare are good for a few laughs:
    "Not for another 4 years dumbass"
  • If Nick is grabbed and lifted up by the Giant, one possible response is "No no no no no! I get carsick!"
  • There's just something hilarious about the Giant being able to spawn by smashing through a wall like a murderous Kool-Aid Man.
  • If the Giant's trying to charge at you through a doorway, it's entirely possible to stop him in his tracks by simply shutting the door.
  • When Chad takes down a Fiend, one of his lines is, "Can't stop the Chad train. Choo choo, motherfucker!"
  • The gameplay guide's description for the Strangler's vent ambush:
    "Use vents to brutally drag in survivors for the insta-kill. They won't be floating down here that's for sure."
  • Troy can say this after reuniting with a fellow classmate just after traveling through a vent:
  • Anything Sam says when she's being dorkily cute:
    (when being choked by the Strangler) "Let me go, or I'm telling!"
    (when spotting a Fiend) "You're not my dad! You can't tell me what to do!"
  • The Fiend emotes. Nothing quite says Mood Whiplash like the Giant lumbering murderously towards you... and suddenly getting down and doing some pushups.
  • As shown by Admiredplague's stream of the closed beta, a poorly-placed proximity mine can instantly kill all five students and the killer in one swoop.