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"I have hung from the Tree of Woe."
—From his Florida days.

"Lightning does not strike twice in this universe!"
—From a Dungeon of Doom promo at WCW Halloween Havoc 95, hyping the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match between Hulk Hogan and The Giant, saying that Hulk should not expect to defeat the Giant simply because they are in Detroit, alluding to the Hulk-André the Giant match from WrestleMania III.

"You see this? This is the Florida Championship belt. You see, this was never stripped from me, this was never taken, this was never stolen, this was never hidden on the beach but by me. You see, they talk about a Florida Heavyweight Champion, they talk about a legend that once held this belt. They talk about it like it's in the past. Well Einstein said the past, the present and the future are the same things. So what you see here is the past, the present and the future Florida Heavyweight Champion, and you can bet your ass on that. Haheheh."
—From NWA Ring Warriors.

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