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Quotes / Kafka Komedy

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"Everything I do makes me feel guilty."
Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Come Home

"Now let's explore the improbable chain of events that led to this amusing yet tragic farce."
Ray Magini, The Simpsons, "Don't Fear The Roofer"

"This poor dang kid, who’s parents are never seen on-screen (his mother communicates with him through an intercom) is constantly at the mercy of this group of loud, obnoxious, stupid aliens who do nothing but cause trouble. It's that kind of series. The one where the one person who doesn’t deserve trouble ends up getting into all kinds of trouble because other characters cause trouble, or get into trouble because of some stupid reason or misunderstanding. And in the end, the kid just ends up getting humiliated or whatever mess caused by the aliens and ends up paying the price while they get off virtually scott-free. The poor kid just accepts his fate all the time because he’s too nice to get angry and - rightfully - tell the aliens to FUCK OFF. I hate any kind of show that does this; where we’re supposed to laugh at the suffering of somebody who honestly doesn’t deserve it. It’s not funny, and it’s not entertaining."


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