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''Here's a question I have for you, the copyright holders: what incentive do I have to respect your copyright anymore? Even if I try, even if I abide by fair use to the letter, you can still just claim my shit, you can still run ads on the ad-free Jimquisition. You can if you want claim three videos of your choosing and have all videos and all of my content, my entire channel just taken down form YouTube and I have to then waste my time and effort and potentially money trying to to get it all back. There's nothing for me, there's no incentive for me to NOT, if I wanted to, self-indulgently dance to Erasure for God knows how many minutes. I can use whatever licensed music I want without license, I can use movie footage if I want because it DOESN'T matter, because whether I use it in fair use terms or not, you can take it down on a whim. Why should I give a fuck, why should I respect your right, your copyright, your content if you're not gonna respect anyone fucking else?

And after you hear about what's going on on YouTube lately, I have a feeling a lot of other people aren't gonna fucking respect you either.''
Jim Sterling discussing on the events on YouTube which got many people to ask : "Where's the fair use?"

Fucking hell, it's me.
Jim reacting to one of the boss from Jotun.

I'm Jim Fucking Sterling, Son!
— A phrase from Digital Homicide's reaction video that Jim has taken quite the liking to

The 2016 Doom Marine's animations communicate more personality saying nothing than 90% of dialog-driven game protagonists.
— One of the things Jim has to say on the latest Doom.

[...] this creature thinks I spend my time conspiring to ruin him?! James [Romine], mate, I wouldn't conspire to have a food truck bring you a bad sandwich. There is nothing I can do to you, you haven't done to yourself. And more than anything else, at this stage...I pity you. I So James, I gotta ask: is it fair to call The Slaughtering Grounds an absolute failure now?
When Jim Sterling Was Sued For $10 Million by Digital Homicide, a video which was one long "The Reason You Suck" Speech aimed at Digital Homicide.

It's a petty little trick at its core but one which gives me no small amount of smug self-satisfaction.
Copyright Deadlock, regarding the titular Loophole Abuse he used to stymie automated ContentID claims, a piece of Refuge in Audacity that helped convince YouTube to change their policy regarding ad revenue claims

I'm irritated and skeezed out by the very foundation of this scene [the CS:GO weapon skin trading system] long before we climb the pile of shit to get to the likes of ProSyndicate and TMartin, whose behavior has been nothing short of fucking skin-crawling, TMartin especially. It's one thing to not to disclose ownership of your get-rich-quick site and then advertise said get-rich-quick site to teens, but to then act indignant and hurt when it's exposed, to tell your millions of subscribers that a smaller fish upset you and lied about you, and to have the absolute clitting nerve to ask them how they sleep at night? M'dude, what the fuck? How do you even masturbate, knowing whose cock you're touching?
That C:GO Lotto Thing. He would later repeat the 'how do you masturbate' phrase in Fur Fucked regarding Dalas.

Well, you've really DMCA'ed yourself in the A this time, matey-boy, because I do mean it when I say you've acted worse than DigiHom, or Digpex, or any of them. Your primary status as a YouTuber yourself makes these DMCAs not only pathetic, but fucking treacherous.

First of all, nobody likes Captain Hindsight, okay? Everybody thinks Captain Hindsight is a stuck up little prick! Second of all, fuck off, okay? Unless you are 100% self employed, unless you own a company that is beholden to nobody, that needs no investors, needs no employees, needs no business, needs no customers, you don't get to tell of anyone for having their livelihoods tied to somebody else!
YouTube Has a YouTube Problem, addressed towards naysayers who feel content creators need to "get a real job" and blame them for putting their livelihoods on YouTube

Which, ya know. At least it's inviting some interesting fucking critique. The same cannot be said for Ubisoft's "The Crew"; which was the cultural equivalent of this half-empty tub of Philadelphia.


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