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Tear Jerker / Jimquisition

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  • Jim's tribute to Satoru Iwata on the day of his death, especially the ending: "Thank God for... you, Mr. Iwata. And sleep well."
  • Jim's review of The Beginner's Guide: instead of making a conventional review, since he doesn't want to spoil the story, Jim instead references the game's themes by giving a heartbreaking description of his horrible childhood at the hands of an abusive stepfather and mother and how it caused him to develop a need for external approval that still persists to this day.
  • At the end of his E3 2016 episode, Jim takes a moment to talk about the Orlando shooting of June 12th. His grief is quite genuine.
  • In February 2017, after almost an entire year of the lawsuit from Digital Homicide Jim sums up the entire affair in a 38-minute Jimquisition. Rather than how fans had envisioned it, there's no dancing and singing, and while some humour is present Jim quite understandably wasn't in a joking mood. While fans had largely watched in amazement and amusement as the company dug its own grave, Jim was the one being put under emotional stress and financial issues. One random Youtube comment (that was swiftly deleted) from some random troll said that developers (read: asset flippers) are planning to sue him at once in the hopes that he will drop dead from stress. Yes the source makes this threat hard to take seriously, but it is nevertheless indicative of what could possibly be in store. Usually those who have tried to screw with Jim's work never go as far as Digital Homicide, but now they've seen first-hand what effect stuff like this had on him. The gate was opened for others to try the same thing if they want to see Jim's criticism of their hateful shovelware gone. Failure is certain, but even wasting Jim's time and money is enough for those spineless cretins to consider it "worth it".
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  • Jim's childhood wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows. He was abused by his father, who was an alcoholic and a member of a biker gang. By the time Jim became a teenager, he was unable to socialize with people and feared that everyone hated him. While Jim still has some social anxiety today, he's far better off now than he was back then.
  • The Dismal Degredation Of Dynasty Warriors in its entirety. Seeing Jim fall out of love with his favourite series is absolutely heartbreaking.
  • While not to the extent of Dynasty Warriors 9, his falling out with Destiny 2 in the wake of the many, many controversial decisions Bungie's made with the game (chief among them the increasing focus on loot boxes and microtransactions, as well as how Curse of Osiris infamously locked out vanilla content unless you bought the expansion) was similarly depression. He initially considered the game promising with an 8 out of 10 rating, but by the end of 2017, Bungie's rampant and blatant greed and mismanagement caused him to put it pretty high on his top ten worst games of 2017.
  • His reaction to Total Biscuit's passing is short, but heartrending.
    I'm stunned and saddened. Been staring at my phone without adequate words. Just...fuck.
    • He ended his segment on the Jimquisition the following monday with a serious case of O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
      Jim: Thank God for FOV-sliders... (beat) ... I guess... fuck...


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