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Headscratchers / Jimquisition

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  • How come Jim went back to using the "Born Depressed" song for his theme? Didn't he make a big deal at the end of one of his videos about how he was retiring it? Why did he out of nowhere start using it again?
    • He admitted later on that both themes were good and has the mind of a magpie, thus he couldn't choose one over the other. That's when he decided to keep the old song for the Jimquisition and the new one for Jimpressions. He also decided to use Drill Queen for the Jimquistion opener and Stressed for the end credits. If he does a second Jimquistion in the same week, he reverses the order.
    • Also, IIRC there was a bit of a minor backdraft over his replacing the theme, so he may have decided on the split approach partly as a concession to his viewers.
  • So Jim has a back problem. Exactly how is he able to wrestle?
    • With great difficulty. Seriously, though. He seems to generally to stay away from large moves, and in fact really worked as a manager who sometimes steps into the ring.

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