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"I am ignorant as most people on the facts of such religions, including the ancient Cuban cult in The Believers, which keeps its diabolical gods a secret by disguising them as Catholic saints. I would like to imagine that most Caribbean religions, like most religions everywhere, are a comfort to their believers, and hold up a prospect of a saner, more joyous life.
I would like to believe that, but the movies give me little reason to. Every voodoo movie ever made has depicted bloodthirsty cults of savagely sadistic murderers, vengefully thirsting for innocent blood. There has been a lot in the papers recently about 'Arab-bashing', the practice of creating strong negative stereotypes of Arabs on TV and in the movies. I'm in agreement. But what about voodoo-bashing? Isn't it just as prejudicial?"

Remy: Voodoo is about honoring the dead and the Iwa. The doll stuff is hoodoo rootwork, very misunderstood. And zombies aren't dead people.
UNITY: Course they are!
Remy: No, no, they're victims of TTX poisoning and—
UNITY: I'm like twenty dead people!
Remy: Sorry. My brain's still on "before you guys showed up."
Sweetheart: "Boo hoo, I'm having a drastic paradigm shift!" Like we never get that!


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