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Carmen Ambrós is a Spanish voice actress. Among her peers, she is one of the most specialized in anime, having an impressive resume in most Japanese series come to Spain and dubbed in Barcelona, and only dabbing in non-Japanese media very late in her career. Ambrós is mostly known for her cheeky, upbeat female characters (though she also plays against type with interesting results) and is also naturally skilled voicing children.


Notable roles by Carmen Ambrós:


Western Animation

Tropes that apply to Carmen Ambrós:

  • Playing Against Type: Nightmare Moon, My Little Pony's terrifying villain, was quite an anomaly in Ambrós's roles. Interestingly, her most famous recent role, Madoka Kaname, is another play against type - the sweet, shy Madoka is almost as away from her usual lively girls as Moon is.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Ambrós, Carmen Calvell and María Rosa Guillén have a long career together. The three debuted in the business at the same time (the Spanish dub of Red Dwarf in 1989) and went to share screen in countless anime series, playing both friends and enemies. Even today, if you hear one of them in a voice work, the other two are probably not far.