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They looked and saw atop that steeple
There did swing a screaming bell
And all of those who dwelt in Kavzar
Knew it rang their own death knell
Once and twice and thrice it rang
Four and five, and six and seven
Eight, nine, ten, and then eleven
Twelve dark rings that shook the heavens
Then at last it rang thirteen
And with it fell a rain like stones
And all of those who dwelt in Kavzar
Ran in fear back to their homes
They rose to find the day in darkness
An endless storm above their town
Lightning struck their mighty tower
Thunder shook the very ground
And through the storm there came a ringing:
Thirteen tolls of that dread bell
And all of those who dwelt in Kavzar
Watched their city turn to hell.
—"The Doom That Came To Kavzar," Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Children Of The Horned Rat - A Guide To Skaven

Hear me. The evening bell ringeth thy name. Wings which announce death — shalt thou take now this head? Azrael!"
The Old Man of the Mountain, Fate/Grand Order


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