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"Does your family still play football before Thanksgiving Dinner?"
"Of course! There's some things even the apocalypse can't change!"

Somehow in the geek’s mind, a person who is lost if electricity goes off for 15 minutes will successfully navigate a post-apocalyptic planet.

The essence of the cozy catastrophe is that the hero is having a pretty good time (a girl, free suites at the Savoy, automobiles for the taking) while everyone else is dying off.

The population is greatly decreased
And now the odds are greatly increased
That I may someday get a chance
To kiss your lips
I thank the Lord each day
For the Apocalypse
Folks are mostly disfigured or dead
But sugar I won't let it go to my head
My mama's face has dripped down into the dirt
But I'm still chasin' chitlins, whiskey and skirt
—"Chitlins, Whiskey And Skirt," Full Throttle

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