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"A class of methods for preventing incompetent pirates from stealing software and legitimate customers from using it. Considered silly."

"I know I'm not the only one who was stuck on this for ages because it seemed every time I turned to the hints page in The One Amiga Magazine someone would be asking about the god damn start of level 2 in Flashback. And I remember the smug tone of the reply when they revealed that the solution lay in the game's manual. Well, maybe we didn't have the manual, The One Amiga Magazine. Maybe this was back in the 'copying games and giving them to all your schoolfriends' heyday. Or maybe we did have the manual and our pubescent brains couldn't concentrate on it long enough before needing to run off and have a wank."

We will load up a tape. We will load up Jurassic Park. This is a copy guarded tape (loads a VHS tape into a VCR). And we will play it. And what you are going to see here as we look at the scope. Do you see these signals here? That's the Macrovision signal.

If I press the record key on my DVD Recorder, I will get this pop up message that reads: "RECORDING ERROR!: This program is not allowed to be recorded." And that's because the DVD Recorder is being detected by the Macrovision signal, And it will not permit me to record it.

My friend Johnny across the street, His family has a VCR, And my family has a VCR too. Let's put them all together and we will make a copy. Let's copy this movie on to this Blank Betamax tape. You think that will be simple and easy to do. Except Hollywood had a little catch there for you. (As he opens the Betamax top) Deep with in the chasms of this video tape you see here is a copy-protection scheme known as Macrovision. And Macrovision was there to prevent you from Copying Hollywood's greatest hits. What did it do? Well, There were no police officers coming in to your house and prevented you to copy it. If you did the copy, It would go from clear image to scramble image. Not fun to watch. On a modern VCR, It had a chip in that would stop the recording. And you will get an error message to tell you that you cannot copy this Betamax tape.

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