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Well, this isn't how I wanted to start my day.
Violet, plummiting from the sky, on the very first page.

Violet: Well, that could've ended badly. Thanks for stepping in.
Coby: No problem, um... random falling girl.
Violet: It's Violet. Violet Purpura.
Coby: Coby Sky, delighted. Incidentally, if you're secretly an alien, I'd appreciate you clearing that up now.
Violet: Alien?
Coby: *points at sky that Violet fell out of*
Violet: ...Right. But no. Though I am new in town. In fact—
Coby: If that sentence ends with "I just dropped in", we can never be friends.

Coby: What's the rule about building robots, Red?
Red: It's just a hobby! It's not like it's hurting anybody except maybe that girl it threw from the plane! ...Okay, maybe it was a bad idea.
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Coby: It comforts me to no end how well in hand you have this situation.
Red: Really? Because I clearly have no idea what I'm doing.

Coby: You know how the city's name is "New Chroma"? He's what happened to the old one.
Red: It's all lies!
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Violet: Let's get a move-on before this becomes any weirder.
Red: So when are you going to tell her you can shoot lightning?
Coby: I don't intend to mention it.

Coby: Think you can take it from here?
Red: I think so.
Coby: Okay. I'm going to go back and see if I can help Violet. *hands cable to Red* You'll be okay, right?
Red: Coby, I work with high-powered electronics all day. What do you think?
Coby: *runs around corner, stops, comes back* No.
Red: *hanging in midair, hopelessly tangled in cable* Good call.
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*on phone* I'm going to have to let you go, Dad. After I'm done battling the rampaging death machine, I was thinking of maybe wandering into traffic, or seeing what a real, big-city gang fight is like up close. ...Yes, I did remember to pack a sweater. Thank you for being so concerned with my well-being.
Violet, here.

[The robot is fried by a high-power electrical cable]
Violet: So... it's done now, right?
Coby:Let's dismember it and not find out.
Violet: Okay.
Red: Please! Allow me. *touches robot* *gets fried by electricity*
Violet: That was either very brave and considerate or ridiculously stupid.
Coby: The second one. He just likes getting zapped by stuff.
Red: Your turn!
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Violet: Okay... raging robot down for the count, death by electrocution narrowly evaded five or six times... What am I forgetting?
Red: The self-destruct is still ticking.
Violet: No, see, this is the part where you say "nothing", and we all go home.

Violet: Make you a deal: You don't ask what happened here, and I don't give you a report that gets you sent in for a urine test.
Police Officer: ...You know, I still have a job to do.
Violet: Plan B: "Help! Police brutality!"

Coby: You want us to walk you?
Violet: Yeah... no thanks.
Coby: You sure? It's just... considering how your day's been going...
Violet: Oh, I am. That's why I want to get as far away from you disaster magnets as possible. Nothing personal, but I'd rather be out of range when one of you spontaneously combusts.
Coby: ...Fair enough.
Red: Where's Violet?
Coby: She had an attack of rationality and left.
Red: Oh. That's too bad. I didn't even get to show her all these fireworks I found.
Coby: Put 'em down, Red.

Melanie: Red, if I find out this is somehow your fault, you know I'm within my rights to murder you, right?
Red: Uh-huh.
Melanie: Just so we're clear.

Melanie: You okay?
Red: I found a quarter!
Melanie: Capital.
Red: Yes, but not very much.
Melanie: Don't make me slap you.

Coby: ...Hmm.
Violet: What is it?
Coby: Red just texted. He says they'll be back a little late and not to go outside.
Violet: Well, that's kind of— where are you going?
Coby: *leaves room* *comes back with modified radio scanner*
Violet: Should I be worried you have a police scann—
Coby: Yes.

THERE. I've either fixed the problem entirely, or flooded every town on the coastline. Possibley both
Mayor Albus Ivory, here.

Minion Guy: *reading from Minion Lingo handbook* The "rab-bots" have "detected" some "intruders" about to "breach" the "west perimeter".
Albus: Of course! They must be agents of that same elite task force that sabotaged me yesterday!
Minion Guy: Wasn't that just some guy-
Albus: A SECRET AGENT! Look, he dropped his mission statement!
Minion Guy: ...This is a blank sheet of paper.
Minion Guy: ...There's air getting down here from somewhere, right?
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Melanie: ...Did you hear that just now?
Red: The gunshots, the screaming, or the explosions?
Melanie: Let's just keep running, shall we?

Red: I have soot in my eyes for some reason.
Melanie: Lasers to the face will do that to you. Well, not to most people, but let's not dwell on that.

Albus: Yes, I have already tried turning it off and on again.
Phone: ...
Albus: No, I do not know my activation code.
Phone: ...
Albus: Because the manual's in Korean!
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