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8:15 PM buddy: This game has taught me something very important.
Love is all about moving blocks effectively.
8:16 PM To make stairs that you can climb
little by little
to reach your goal.
At least I'm pretty sure that's the message here.
8:19 PM (At at the top of the stairs, you get to bang Rapunzel)
8:23 PM I mean, at first love looks like a wall, until you pull blocks out and take it one step at a time to the top.
The Radical Taoist's buddy discussing Catherine over chat.

Well, you can't base a game solely around a stupid bastard digging himself deeper with every single word that comes out of his fucking mouth, so Vincent has also been magically cursed so every night in a dream he has to solve timed block-pushing puzzles or die. It's like A Nightmare on Elm Street meets Q*bert.
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, Zero Punctuation

This is an Attack on Titan shit. Ah! With sheeps.
— One of Cryaotic's reactions as he play the games.


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